Does WWE Have Anything To Worry About?

KRiZZContributor IIFebruary 6, 2010

       I'm finally glad people stop getting so hyped over "RAW vs. TNA" because its not happening.  RAW ratings crush TNA's & so does Smackdown's.  TNA hyped themselves to be feuding "RAW" when behind the scenes they're really going head to head with ECW, when the new show comes out, they will hype it on RAW & Smackdown.  That means higher ratings.  I listened closely to Vince in the speech.  "Nothing we've ever seen before", big hint, meaning it will be unique from RAW & Smackdown.  To me if TNA is gonna hype themselves, they may as well have Hogan saying "WWE NXT" & not "WWE RAW", ECW ratings and TNA's were very close, but now its being revamped,(wink, wink) I see a unique new show in WWE's future.

      If WWE brings in the big indy stars, they may finally get the chance to say they have more athelets, no one will be talking about AJ Styles & Daniels, they'll be talking about Austin Aries & Danielson.  I have big expectations for WWE NXT, hopefully they are fulfilled.