Breaking News: Jimmy Hart to Return to TNA?

Devon GivensCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2010

You've heard it here, folks.  I've read the following from


"Jimmy Hart was saying that he might return to TNA as a manager for The Nasty Boys.

Hart recently told Crave Online that he might be returning soon to “manage some of the guys again” and when asked if it would be WWE or TNA he returned to, he said most likely TNA."

As all of you old-school wrestling fans know, Hart's managing career (Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Jim Neidhart, Nasty Boys, King Kong Bundy, etc.) has been a long and successful one.

From reading this, I want to hear your opinion on Jimmy Hart coming to TNA?  What do you think about Jimmy Hart's speculated return to TNA?