Arkansas Rising: A Second Wind for the Hogs

James MoseleyCorrespondent INovember 5, 2007

IconAfter the Arkansas-South Carolina game on Saturday night, there was plenty of buzz around the Razorbacks.

I believe the Hogs have a shot at spoiling Tennessee's campaign to finish in the Top 25, and the potential to travel down the road to Baton Rouge and spread a little upset in Tiger Stadium.

Now before you start jumping up and down and calling me an idiot, just hear me out.

LSU has a good defense. Good, not great. They gave up 34 points to an Alabama team that should have never even been in the game last Saturday.

LSU's offense is ranked fourth in the SEC. Guess who's number one. That's right, the Arkansas Razorbacks lead the SEC in scoring at 41.1 points per game.

The Hogs defense has been much improved over the past three weeks. Proof of that was witnessed by the 70,000-plus in Fayetteville on Saturday night.

Although you might say that LSU is a higher caliber team than Arkansas, it doesn't matter. It will be an SEC rivalry game. Mississippi State beat Kentucky—and they clearly weren't on the same level.

That's life in the SEC—knowing that on any given Saturday you can be beat.

If the Arkansas backfield has a performance like they did against South Carolina—with 541 yard from Darren McFadden and Felix Jones—God help the LSU defense. While LSU has Glenn Dorsey, a freak in his own right, he can't stop D-Mac, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, Micheal Smith, and Marcus Monk by himself.

When the Hogs line up in the "Wild Hog" formation, LSU's defensive coordinator will have his hands full.

I think I've made my case.

But before they take on the task of ruining LSU's BCS title hopes, the Hog have to face Tennessee and Mississippi State. Don't think for a minute that Phillip Fulmer has forgotten what Arkansas did to Tennessee last year when the Vols wandered up the hill and were violently tossed back down.

The Volunteers will be looking for revenge.

Mississippi State won't be a blow-over either, but I'm confident that neither team has the ability to slow down, let alone stop, the Hogs' 315.5 rushing YPG average.

The Arkansas Razorbacks will be looking to run around, over, and through any defense that walks onto the field between now and the beginning of the off season. And for all the people who blew Darren McFadden off for the Heisman (even I had my doubts), he made a statement this past week:

He ain't done yet.

D-Mac for heisman is something you'll be hearing in the weeks to come. If you take a look at McFadden's past stats, you know this is his time of year.

Good news for the Hogs, bad news for the rest of the SEC.