John Cena Makes Every Minute Special, Vince McMahon Says Eugene=Inspirational

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2010

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 09:  Wrestler John Cena attends 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on December 9, 2008 in New York City  (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for 20th Century Fox)
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John Cena , the greatest superstar of the 2000s, says Hulk Hogan is just wasting his time. In a live chat session on, when asked if he would face Hogan, Cena said:

“Yes. I just don't think that's going to happen (fighting Hogan) right now. He's (Hogan) too busy wasting his time.”

Speaking of wasting time, Cena is going to work again with rapper Bumpy Knuckles on a song for his new film, “Legendary .” Cena’s previous movies, The Marine and 12 Rounds , both failed to shine at the box office, barely recouping their respective budgets during their cinema release.

When you take into account that garbage such as Meet The Spartans made more money than John Cena’s movies, one can’t help but wonder if Cena even has the license to talk about whether a person is wasting his time.


Eugene: Change You And I Were Supposed To Believe In

Linda McMahon ’s fellow Republican candidates in the Connecticut’s US Senate seat race continue to ask her pointless questions, and they continue to be met with equally idiotic answers.

Rob Simmons, one of McMahon’s opponents said WWE's "Eugene " character represented insensitivity to handicapped individuals by the McMahon’s company. Linda’s spokesperson replied:

"In the soap opera world of WWE, the character 'Eugene' was developmentally disabled, but rather than the beaten down, pathetic character that Rob presents, Eugene was treated via scripting like all WWE superstars with no special privileges. He competed in the ring or in a steel cage, sometimes winning, but often losing as an underdog. In the end, in spite of any disability, he was victorious and became a hero ."

While it’s wonderful to see wrestling story lines being taken so seriously, what plausible connection is there between Eugene and Linda McMahon running for Senate? You know, either its calling Obama a socialist who will set up Death Panels, or saying wrestling story lines affect one’s credentials to help run the country, but it seems like many politicians nowadays prefer to base their principles on stupid, inconsequential issues.


Edge Cuts Jericho

The Undertaker is set to defend his World Title against Chris Jericho, CM Punk, John Morrison, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio at Elimination Chamber. Meanwhile, Edge  and Jericho got in each other’s faces for most of the night, and Y2J got his first clean win in months, against “jobber-to-the-stars” Matt Hardy. Ah, God does give you some luck once you don’t feud with Triple H.

Edge’s talk show, the Cutting Edge made a comeback to close the show with Edge and Taker staring each other down after taking out Jericho and CM Punk. Right now Edge is pulling double duty, but his involvement was been higher with Smackdown this week and we can at this point be inclined to think he is challenging for the Undertakers’s World Title, not the WWE Title.


The (Smaller) Rise and Fall Of ECW, Now We All (Think) Know What NXT Is About

ECW will cease to exist as an active entity once more in a few weeks time, as Vince McMahon hurriedly announced on Tuesday night. The brainchild of Paul Heyman started off well enough with Rob Van Dam taking the WWE Title to ECW, but the brand has been going south for some time, and it’s not hard to see why. In the place of barbed wires and steel chairs, was Zach Ryder’s dreams appearing on-screen and Mark Henry as a World Champion.

EC-Dub is set to be replaced by WWE NXT, which from reports so far, could focus on the younger WWE talent and those in the development system. I for one thought flooding ECW with younger names and taking away all their major names had something to do with their downfall in ratings, but what do I know?

Besides, if this means we get more guys like Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta, I say BRING THEM ON [sarcasm/].

Ok, they have Low Ki and Brian Danielson, too. However, after the disaster that was Scotty Goldman (Colt Cabana), do not expect too much positivity.

That’s all from my take on the week in WWE. Hope you guys found it to be worthwhile read, and do feel free to drop a comment below, be it about American Politics (Linda Mac), John Cena vs Hogan, or anything at all. I will get to it ASAP. Til next week’s WWE Report, keep it cool and drive safely.

BTW, just came back from a MUSE show. Greatest band ever.

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