TNA: Impact React Volume Four

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2010


Welcome welcome one and all to the fourth edition of "Impact React," your weekly source for all the happenings within TNA. Heading into my writing of this on Friday, it was a very slow news week. Thankfully, though, lots popped up on Thursday night, so let's get right into it!


Knockout Issues

It's pretty well known now that Awesome Kong asked for her release from TNA after her incident with Bubba the Love Sponge. Obviously, Kong has not been released, as she worked TV tapings recently. However, TNA had to talk Kong into working the tapings.

It seems that there is not only an issue between Kong and TNA over the Bubba the Love Sponge issue but money as well. Kong is not happy that TNA is spending a lot of money on new workers when they could be giving pay raises to the Knockouts. Really, you can't blame her, because I have to imagine that Kong and the other ladies are doing more for TNA than the Nasty Boys are.


AJ Hair Styles

So I've heard this rumor pop up here and there, but now I'm starting to see it more, so I figured I should talk about it. Word is that TNA wants AJ Styles to dye his hair blond so that he looks more like Ric Flair. I can't express enough how awful of an idea is. AJ would end up looking like some early 2000 Eminem reject.

The plan is for Flair to teach AJ how to be like he is outside of the ring. The fans will never buy it, as they know that Styles is a devout Christian and family man. And you can't get by with saying what his wife doesn't know won't hurt her. He's on national TV, no way she wouldn't find out about it. TNA is seriously writing themselves into a corner if they go through with this.


Goodbye D'Amore

Scott D'Amore has left TNA for the second time now, and it seems to be for good. Most fans will know him from his stint as the leader of Team Canada, one of the best staples TNA had for them a little while ago.

Scott was released back in 2008 but returned to the company to work as an agent behind the scenes. Scott was in charge of the Knockouts, so with him leaving, who knows what will happen to TNA's women division? Hopefully someone takes charge and really pushes the division, because the talent is there.

D'Amore will be heading back to Canada to work on a new promotion called Maximum Pro Wrestling. Here's to hoping that it works out for Mr. D'Amore; he has always been a very entertaining figure in wrestling.


St. Louis Lockdown

It looks like TNA's signature all cage match PPV Lockdown will be returning to St. Louis this year. The last time Lockdown invaded the Gateway City was in 2007. That card featured the absolutely laughable "electric" cage match between Team 3D and LAX. It also had the God-awful blindfolded match between James Storm and Chris Harris.

There were talks of TNA limiting the travel of PPV's to just Bound for Glory and Slammiversary, so this changes things. I like the idea of having Lockdown travel because it should be treated like a big PPV for the company. TNA needs to find their big three or four PPV's like the WWE has with the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series.


Monday Night Limbo

So it seems that the live edition of iMPACT on Mar. 1 is off. At this point, I'm not going to even speculate because you can't get straight answers. Official schedules keep changing, but people keep reporting that it's happening. Then you have Eric Bischoff saying that it isn't. It's a big mess. TNA needs to get themselves organized and on an actual schedule.

If TNA is smart they will take advantage of the fact that the WWE has been releasing its guest hosts about a month and a half in advance. They need to strike when someone really lacking in star power (won't have to go far) is hosting. Some of the guest host stuff has been so bad I flip the channel on a regular basis. Why not be able to flip over to iMPACT ?


So Long Steiner

It appears that Scott Steiner has parted ways with TNA. His bio is no longer on the website, and he hasn't been seen in a while. Steiner had a meeting with TNA in early January about his status with the company, and he hasn't been around since.

Apparently Steiner was talking to fans in Orlando before the TV tapings, expressing how he wasn't happy with the company. Honestly, the roster is pretty crowded, and I doubt he could do much. Steiner will be missed, though, as he's always entertaining in one way or another. Just do a Youtube search and you'll find some classic moments.


Finding A Contender

So at Against All Odds we'll have AJ Styles against Samoa Joe. I have to believe that AJ wins here, so who does that leave him to face? He's already burned through Angle multiple times, as well as Daniels. Ken Anderson could win the tournament they're having but he seems to be a heel, and I doubt the fans want heel vs. heel.

Outside of Anderson, you have guys like Desmond Wolfe (heel), Matt Morgan (currently a tag champion), and The Pope, who doesn't seem to be in the tournament. Also, would anyone seriously buy The Pope as a champion? Yeah, he got a win over AJ on TV this past week, but I don't think anyone would pick him if the belt were on the line.

TNA needs to build up a strong babyface to go against AJ Styles who isn't Kurt Angle. If they fail to do so, we may have the TNA version of the WWE's never ending feud between John Cena and Randy Orton. That's something they do not need right now. So many guys that TNA could push right now are preoccupied by something stupid, whether it be in a thrown together tag team or under a mask.


Odds 'N Ends

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Eric Bischoff is trying to persuade Jim Ross into joining TNA as an announcer. I highly doubt this will happen, as by all appearances, J.R is happy at home away from the business right now.

Rob Terry's recent TNA Global Championship win at a house show during the recent U.K. tour was a bit of a surprise to him. He wasn't notified until that evening. Terry was a babyface during that show, as he was in his home town. Family and friends were in attendance.

Shawn Waltman and Scott Hall have been removed from the TNA iMPACT opening video, but they are still both with the company. It's simply for storyline reasons.


That's it for this week's edition. Come back next week as we take a look at everything going on with TNA as we close in on Against All Odds. Have a great week everyone!

On an unrelated side note, I will no longer be doing the Buy or Sell weekly article on here. It wasn't getting many reads and too many people couldn't do it, so I'd rather cut my losses. I would like to do more stuff involving the community here on B/R wrestling but it just wasn't the right fit.

If you did enjoy it then I hope you continue to read the great articles here because you can get some extended opinions on the hot topics in wrestling.