Plaxico Burress Plans to Play Again...But Where

Mike Gliddon@mikegliddonCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2017

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Plaxico Burress recently sat down for an interview with former coach and current CBS analyst, Bill Cowher.

That interview will be played on Super Bowl Sunday for all to see.

It has been said that Burress told Cowher in the interview that he plans to play football again. But there are some big hurdles to jump in order for that to happen.

On ESPN, John Clayton talked about how Burress would be fighting an uphill battle in order to return to the NFL.

The first thing Burress would have to overcome is completely out of his hands.

With the potential of a lockout in 2011, which is when Burress is slated to be released, he would have to hope that there is an NFL season that year. If there is not, he may not have a great chance to return.

Burress will also be fighting father time. He will be 34 when the 2011 NFL season would start, usually a point in receivers' careers when they start to decline. Also Burress will miss most of whatever training camp he would attend, since his release is July 2011.

The last factor for any team to commit to Burress would be his health. He had been struggling with injuries even before he shot himself in the leg. With age, the injuries will not improve. Will he be in good enough football shape to contribute?

Teams that may take a stab at Burress if he overcomes these things would be Detroit, Tampa Bay or Oakland. These are some of the teams that may be on the upswing when 2011 rolls around and one offensive threat away from being potential playoff teams.

We will see when July 2011 comes.