No point, no problem, 10 in a row: Cavaliers 102, Heat 86

Kirk LammersContributor IFebruary 4, 2010

Photo: Tracy Boulian/

In a game that had no shortage of storylines, the always-thrilling LeBron James and Dwyane Wade showdown featured an unexpected wrinkle when Daniel Gibson had to rush to the hospital to be with his expecting girlfriend Keyshia Cole. It forced LeBron into his first start at point guard since his rookie year and brought about Jawad Williams's first career start. It didn't matter, though, as the Cavaliers dispatched of the Heat to stretch their win streak to a season-high 10, improve to 7-0 without Mo Williams, and set the scoreboard at "LeBron 13, D-Wade 9" in the classic matchup.

Last minute scratch: With Gibson taking care of his girlfriend at the hospital, the Cavaliers were suddenly without a single proven point guard on their roster. On a side note, Gibson's girlfriend is due with their child on March 2nd, and she is doing fine after having false labor. LeBron was the only real choice to start at point, and Jawad got the call to take LBJ's spot at small forward. With LeBron on the bench, Anthony Parker had to handle the point guard duties for a five minute stretch in the second quarter. The Cavalier depth has certainly been tested over these past several games, but they have held strong largely due to the advanced responsibilities of James, J.J. Hickson, Gibson, and Shaquille O'Neal.