Why Have Divisions In The NBA

Clint RhodeContributor IFebruary 5, 2010

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I recently read an article a month or so ago in ESPN the Magazine about rule changes in multiple sports. The one that interested me the most was eliminating conference in the NBA.

The NBA is not like MLB or NFL, with the teams that they play. In the NBA, every team plays every other team at least once in the current 82 game format. What is the point in having conferences?

I agree with the Magazine during playoff time, 16 teams with the best records are in the postseason and pair them according to record. For instance, the worst team record play the best best team record and so fourth.

In the playoffs, every series is a 7 game series only, so no more 5 games series either. If two team from the same " division" happen to play each other, well so be it. Then that means that the two BEST team in the NBA will playing against each other. 

This format would make teams play for a record and not just get by with division title and host a team with a better record than their own.