John Cena Vs Dave Batista at Wrestlemania?

Blair T-BContributor IFebruary 4, 2010

Hello Bleacher Report, how are we? Anyway, so i watched Raw this week, end scene was of Batista beating the crap out of some has been has been called Bret Hart. Crowd starts going crazy for John Cena, Que end of Raw. I'm sure most of that chanting must have been piped through and dubbed over the crowd, but i was surprised to learn that this smackdown will show footage of Batista destroying John Cena after the taping. This led me to write this article, and i guess i'll get back to my other progressing articles on CM Punk and Shelton Benjamen later.

John Cena vs Batista 2.0 at Wrestlemania 26. It seems like thats what is going to happen. John Cena fighting for the pride of the Hitman, Batista fighting for Mr McMahon. I never thought about these two going again, but it will be more successful than the first time, especially if Cena doesn't get injured again. I think Cena vs Batista will work, Batistas' new attitude will build a much better feud as Heel vs Super Face works better than Super Face vs Super Face. I always thought Cena would end up against Randy Orton at Wrestlemania and Batista would be somewhere in the Championship Scene at Smackdown.

Also, like many fans, i hoped that either Triple H or Shawn Michaels (Hopefully Triple H, to me Triple H would make a much better heel now than Shawn Michaels would now) would turn heel and feud. But I feel like Shawn is still heading towards his rematch with The Undertaker, I'm not sure where that leaves Triple H. Maybe Championship Scene?

But anyway, Cena vs Batista will be a good brawling match, i wont expect much out of it like say "Good Wrestling". Superman Cena will win, and Bret Hart will be happy and Bret will hit Vince down and the crowd will be happy. Happy Endings I imagine.