Chris Allen@@ChrisATheTruthSenior Analyst INovember 4, 2007


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Folks. Let's face it. The Patriots can now move on from their Colts win, and look towards 16-0. They are facing Buffalo, Philidelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York Jets, Miami and the New York Giants. There should be no trouble for them to win these games.

The Patriots big obstacle this season was the game against the Colts. Now that they have defeated them, it's time to look into the future.

This is a team who is first in points per game, first in total offensive yards and first in passing yards in the game.

Offense: The Patriots best desicion of the whole year is the Randy Moss Pre-Preseason trade. Randy Moss and Tom Brady together are on fire. It will be no surprise that this will be an award-winning duo as they continue to lead the Patriots offensive squad in the next couple of weeks.



Moss:12 touchdowns

Welker:7 touchdowns

Watson:5 touchdowns

Tom Brady is the leader of this team.He has 33 touchdowns and is an amazing quarterback, one of the best in history. He is the leader of this dynamic Patriots offense, and I predict that he will lead them to the Superbowl win this year.

Defense: 25 Sacks, 12 Forced Fumbles. 12 Interceptions, one for a touchdown. You can't get that much better than the Patriots defense. They are an amazing squad who will do anything for the win.

Mike Vrabel is an amazing Superstar and a true Veteran of the Patriots. He has 11 catches in his NFL history on offense, and 11 touchdowns. EVERY SINGLE TIME HE CATCHES THE BALL, IT IS FOR A TOUCHDOWN. No other reciever can say that. Plus, he is on the Defense, Offense and Special Teams.


WRAP-UP: I believe that the New England Patriots will go 16-0. I think that it will be Patriots and the Cowboys in the Superbowl. Why? The Patriots wont let themselves lose to the Colts in the playoffs again.

Chris Allen