Manny Ramirez Made a Big Mistake—Get Over It

Matt BreenCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

"In the clubhouse, this is a family and whatever happens in the clubhouse, it stays in the clubhouse," Ramirez said. "Me and Jack, our friendship is good and he's going to continue being my friend yesterday, today, and tomorrow," he says of the incident.

"I just want it to die. It's over. He apologized. That's it. I want us to get back to our winning ways,'' Jack McCormick responded.

By the sounds of these second hand sources—which I may add are our sole source of information regarding this critical situation—things are reconciled and both parties are ready to move on.

If you want to question whether the two parties are serious in their statements, you must also question the details of the altercation all together. We weren't there; we don't know their past or differences. We must accept the information that we are given.

The only two people that this incident regards are over it. Which begs the question, if Manny and McCormick are over it, why can't sports fans get over it?