Hershel Walker and MMA Are Not a Joke But Jose Conseco Is

Richard BowlerSenior Analyst IFebruary 4, 2010

I would like to start off by saying that I am only a casual MMA fan and that I  am not some sort of apologist or homer for the sport.  I don't have any expertise in martial arts, wrestling or boxing.  I do enjoy it and often watch big fights.  I also take issue with those who wouldn't call it a legitimae sport.

Many in the national media get MMA confused with the movie Blood Sport or professional wrestling leading them to think it is excessively brutal or a joke.  That is why many are intrigued by the idea of a fight between Hershel Walker and Jose Canseco.  This ignorance is insulting to Hershel Walker and the sport.

Hershel Walker the fighter is not a joke.  He doesn't fight for the money(in fact he donated the money from his first pro fight to charity) and is properly trained to compete in the sport.  Walker won his only pro fight to date.  Hershel is passionate about martial arts and responded with anger at Canseco's implication that they should step into the ring.

On the other hand Jose Canseco is a complete joke.  He wants to turn a legit sport into a side show for his own personal gain.  Canseco is a martial artist in the same way Dwight K Shrute and Cosmo Kramer are martial artists.  Canseco was beaten in his only pro fight that was a joke or side show at best.  I am not even going to bring up his "fight" with Danny Bonaduce because the fact it happen is insulting enough.

Canseco is a media whore who is using up any good will he earned by outing steroid users to make a buck anyway he can.  I personally never looked kindly upon his ratting out of teammates even though it did help a little in cleaning up the sport of baseball.  I think that there is very little that Jose wouldn't do to make money with the exception of getting a real job.

Some have drawn comparisons to the spectacle of this fight and the spectacle of Kimbo Slice.  While Kimbo is not a skilled fighter I don't think the two are similar in any way.  Slice, using fighting to support his family,  took advantage of some great opportunities provided to him be his notoriety.  He didn't do MMA any favors but was contrite and humbled himself when he agreed to compete on the ultimate fighter.  Maybe he and Canseco should fight.

This fight is the worst possible thing that could happen to Hershel Walker and the sport of MMA(in the realm of sports)going into the future.  MMA has been gaining ground in legitimacy and public acceptance since the promotions have implemented weight classes and made an effort to push out any shady elements from the periphery of the sport.  Ignorance on the sport has made the push to the mainstream difficult but the sport is drawing new fans every day.

Let's make no mistake this fight will never happen.  Hershel is to smart to do this and his reverence for the sport would allow it.   The only reason to have this fight is a money grab and that doesn't seem to be in Walker's character.  Any promotion who would consider this fight would be penny wise pound foolish because you can't sustain a circus like this would.

For the sake of argument say this fight happens.  How long do you think it would last?  Thirty seconds?  Hershel has to many skills for Canseco to last a round even if his strategy is to run away from Walker.

Leaving me with the only reason to watch this fight is to see if Walker will knock out, submit or make Canseco cry.