By The Pound: The Case For Terrance Cody and Brandon Carter

Joseph BurkeyAnalyst IFebruary 4, 2010

HOUSTON - SEPTEMBER 26: Marlon Winn #67 , Shawn Byrnes 51, Brandon Carter 76, and Chris Olson 70 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders pray for a hurt University of Houston player at Robertson Stadium on September 26, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Smash-mouth football.  That's what the future of the San Francisco 49er is to be, right?   The ability to inflict damage and force your will upon the opposition.  Move the ball a mile, and don't let them move it an inch (unless they move backward.) Is that not the goal here?

My argument here is for drafting the biggest, and baddest linemen. At a good price.  I don't want to pay $38.50 / Lb. for USDA Prime,  when I can get nearly as good Choice for $8.99 / Lb, and with a little more marbling...

I'm not thrashing all the first round line options; I'd love to have Ndamukong Suh and Russell Okung on the team.  That said, the 49ers don't draft until the middle of the first round, and those guys will be gone with the wind.

I really don't have that much preference who they take in the first round - Spiller, Best, Hayden, Dunlap, Pierre-Paul, any of the number of prize-bull Offensive Tackles. I'd rather they not spend either pick on a safety in the first, however.


First piece of stock up for Auction: Terrance Cody.

NT - 'Bama. 6'5"  365 - 385


There's a lot to love about this guy. and I mean A LOT! He's the largest Nose the draft has seen in a long while, and somehow, this scares teams away.  I haven't seen it (and I have been searching You-tube) but it's said he can dunk a basketball on a ten-foot rim, and do a back flip. Not at the same time i assume.

Concerns are constantly rising about his size - how does this reflect his work ethic? One analyst has said he could even 'eat his way out of an NFL career.'  Now that's not nice. Recent concerns have risen about his ability (or inability) to jump rope for several minutes.  Saying it once: this is Football, not Double-Dutch.

If he falls to the early second round, it could humble him slightly, but when it comes to improving an athletes work ethic, I believe Dr. Singletary has the cure. Coach Sing is known for unlocking the best in athletes, and making them play better than even they ever believed they could.  What could he tell Cody at camp? " That's not how Perry did it! Do you, or don't you want to be even better than the Fridge?"

William 'The Refridgerator' Perry was once quoted as saying "When I was little, I was big."  Perry was drafted in the middle of the first round in 1985. The Bears went on to win the Superbowl his rookie year. Mike Singletary backed the line behind The Fridge that year. Perry never did post amazing stats: In his 10 years as a pro, he played in 138 games, recording 29.5 sacks 5 fumble recoveries, which he returned for 71 yards. In his offensive career he ran 5 yards for 2 Tds.  What I'm saying here is Cody doesn't need to be Suh; he just needs do be Cody, and Cody knows this.

Mt. Cody, as he is called, would have been a legitimate early first-round pick last year. He chose to stay by his team. That team is now the BCS Champion.  Enough said.

I have one more reason for SF to consider Cody, and this reason stretches beyond college accomplishments or outstanding attributes.  This reason goes right into the current NFC West landscape, where the 49ers are in position to rock a play-off spot for the next couple of years.  The St. Louis Rams are rebuilding, and I assume they are going to do things right this year, and take Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh with the first overall pick in April.  Taking Cody late in the First would be a hell of a way to answer back.


Second Piece of stock up for auction: Brandon Carter.

OG/OT - Texas Tech. 6'7 - 344-355 Lbs.


First question: who the hell is Brandon Carter? See the guy with the blue mohawk in the picture at the top of the article?  That's him.  Google search him for even more  pictures of this beast and his hellacious style.

Brandon Carter is a big senior lineman coming out of Texas Tech this year. He's anchored the line for the high power offense there for several years and moved from tackle to guard. Carter started the year as one of the captains, but was reprimanded, suspended, and stripped of his captaincy for violating team policy.  I'm pretty sure he tweeted.  Several days later his twitter account and myspace profiles were gone, and his team spirit was good as ever.  Classy move for someone sporting a mohawk, head tattoos and war paint on Saturdays.

Carter's strength is pass protection, which is very sensible for a high-powered spread offense like Tech runs. One season, he didn't allow a sack. He has also shown an ability to run-block, albeit unrefined.  Would Alex Smith feel a little more comfortable with this guy as a body guard? Could Frank Gore run through a hole created by this colossus? I say probably. And I'd guess Michael Crabtree could give even more insight into what kind of team mate he is.

Carter is projected as a fourth or fifth round pick - but I see him going in the third, or even second (depending on his combine and pro-day.)  This means he'll be asking a fair amount less than first-rounders.

Here's another thing about Carter: he is the only player to best Ndamukong Suh in the trenches last year.  As a Nebraska fan, I thought this was tragic. As a 49er fan, I think it's beautiful.  Remember how I mentioned taking Terrance Cody as an answer to the Rams taking Suh? This would be another loud answer. An answer with a Mohawk, head tattoos, and warpaint.  A ridiculous monkey-wrench in the rebuilding plans of an old division rival.


Picture this:

Against the Rams. Terrance Cody at NT.  Justin Smith and Isaac Sapoaga at the ends. Lawson and (hell why not?) Julius Peppers off the OLB spots. Willis and Haralson directing traffic.  And the Secondary - just drooling for the lame-duck pass they know is coming... if the QB can get a pass off.

Or maybe this:

Fourth and Goal on the one.  Second game against the Rams - this one a Candlestick. Heavy fog.  49ers have been driving - about 70 yards in 10 plays. The line from left to right: Joe Staley, Brandon Carter, Eric Hietmann, David Baas, Adam Snyder. Vernon Davis in motion.  Frank Gore back, taking a hand-off from Alex Smith, and running in for the (easy) score behind his Full Back... Big Terrance Cody.

Play-offs Baby.