Top 10 Sexiest Super Bowl Ads of All Time

Greg RiotAnalyst IFebruary 4, 2010

We all know that advertising is as important to Super Bowl Sunday as the food consumed, the Big Game itself, and Super Bowl betting.

After all, at approximately $100,000 per second, it is crucial that the advertisers catch viewers’ attention immediately.

Obviously (and thankfully), the best way to garner immediate attention is—SEX!!!!

Special thanks go out to, Victoria’s Secret, and all beer producers for taking aim at the naughty side of the television watcher's psyche.

Here is a countdown of the Top 10 Sexiest Super Bowl Ads of All Time.


10. Jessica Simpson—Pizza Hut Commercial

This commercial aired back when Jessica Simpson was hot and relevant in pop culture. Short skirt, long boots—yummy.

Can't get enough of Jess? See her hot bikini body washing a hot rod HERE.


9. Visa Commercial—Beach volleyball in the snow

Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh are featured in this ingenious commercial that I am sure the crew loved to film. Misty and Kerry, on the other hand, probably hated it.


8. Britney Spears—Pepsi Ad featuring Bob Dole

People forget how smokin’ Britney was before Kevin Federline came along. She’s totally hot in this commercial—hot enough to get the nursing home steamy and even get ancient Bob Dole to take notice.


7. Victoria’s Secret—Pre-Super Bowl Ad

Can anyone get enough of Adriana Lima ? Playing with a football in skimpy clothing—almost too much for me to handle. See her full Victoria’s Secret pre-Super Bowl ad HERE.


6. Levi’s—Up and Down Commercial

Women dancing around in their underwear—what could be better on Super Bowl Sunday? Oh yeah, the game itself!


5. Tabasco Babe Commercial—On the Beach

This ad oozed sex and had me forgetting that I was watching a football game. It also, strangely, had me craving a Bloody Mary!


4.—Courtroom Commercial

Order in the court! Order in the court! Let the lady speak; she’s got A LOT to say—I think. definitely has some hilariously sexy commercials. If you like hot cops in sexy outfits, check out this commercial.


3. Budweiser—Yoga Class

If this were what yoga was really like, then strip clubs would not exist. This is a male fantasy come true and makes it on the list for its racy content, but also because of its “Dare to Dream” message.


2. Ali Landry—Doritos Commercial No. 2

The women I know find this one of the sexiest ads in history, and that’s saying something. The men—well, that’s another story. Ali Landry reading a book would be racy. I think that I’ll watch it again.


1. Miller Lite—Catfight Commercial, 2003

Thank you, Miller Lite, for giving us the privilege of watching two women fight in mud and water for more than one minute. This commercial has set the standard by which all others need to live up to. Bravo!

This has to be one of the funniest, sexiest Super Bowl commercials I've ever seen. Can we get an encore?