WWE NXT Is A Good Thing: Now Its Time For The Rise Of Christian

Andy The Bad GuyCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

As much as I was a die hard hardcore wrestling and ECW fan I personally have to be honest and say that it was about time the WWE stopped trying to recover from a huge mistake they made in 2007. Don't know what I mean then let me take you to 5 years back.

ECW One Night Stand 2005 was the return of ECW and I'll be honest I enjoyed the brutality ECW bought after a long 5 years. Then 2006 RVD VS John Cena for the WWE Championship and one of my all time favourites finally reached the top of the mountain for the firs time. ECW becomes a brand and we get the return of the great ECW Originals like The Heart and Soul of ECW Tommy Dreamer, The Record 5 Time ECW World Heavyweight Champion The Cane Swinging Sandman, The Suicidal, Homicidal, Death Defying Sabu and new blood like Elijah Burke,Young Guys from RAW and Smackdown like John Morrison, The Miz and Lashley, Great and accomplished former world champions like Kurt Angle, Big Show and The Late Great Chris Benoit and the Mastermind Paul Heyman we saw a brand which could definently take the fight to Raw and Smackdown and bring in excellent ratings especially with RVD as a undisputed world champion with the wwe and ecw world titles.

Then the downfall begins... RVD and nearly all the originals, all the great young talent move to RAW and SmackDown and ECW gets the worst overdose of the PG Era. Sure there have been high points like the debut of the now misused talent of Jack Swagger and the return of the only hope on the show who deserves a chance more than anyone else to be on the top of this business... CHRISTIAN!

The Superstar initiative bought great talent like now jobber Evan Bourne, Vance Archer, Yoshi Tatsu, Current Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre and Current WWE World Champion Sheamus. But winning the ECW Title now is just like winning any other title. I bet no one realises that the ECW Title is an official World Championship so that means misused talents like Mark Henry,Kane, Chavo Guerrero and Jack Swagger are former world champions and why aren't they getting constant world title opportunities like Randy Orton, Triple H or John Cena. That makes John Morrison and Matt Hardy former world champions and even though SmackDown's competition is tough they are more than deserving of a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. Then they're the guys who reached the top at other organisations and they're accomplishments were never recognised. Did any of you know that R Truth is a former two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and that CM Punk has held the ROH World Title and ECW Title and with his 3 World Heavyweight Title reigns that makes him a 5 time world champion and Christian is a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and a 2 time ECW Champion which makes him a 4 time World Champion? Again the WWE's disrespect of ECW never made people realize how important the  championship really was.

Now let me get back to topic the bottom line is now that ECW is being finally put to rest from the mockery its been made of and the last champion is a man who is going to go down as one of the greatest ECW Champions and wrestlers of all time and now its time he goes to a bigger show and I think he should go to the real A show not RAW... SmackDown. To be honest Undertaker will not headline WrestleMania and he's obviously not going to lose his streak but if that's the case then Christian can still make it to a World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania. And if WWE NXT is for the young guys then there's no way someone with Christian's charisma, in ring ability and mic skills be kept there. So if its time for the long awaited main event push of Christian will come at the grandest stage of them all. If he goes to WrestleMania then he could face either CM Punk or Jericho and Edge and both matches should be TLC matches.Then not only will Christian put on the show of a lifetime but I think maybe just maybe this PG Era will die for good.

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