Ideas for what could happen NXT in WWE

Khayyam ZubairContributor IFebruary 4, 2010

Hi guys,

  This is my first article for B/R please ignore my mistakes. Just remember I am a "jobber" here and this is my debut.

 We all know WWE is going through their worst conditions in recent years. They are not drawing good ratting and are loosing fans. Conditions are so bad that our WWE champion is a rookie Sheamus. It could be the worst WWE era going on. And to "add insult to injuries" they have a competitor TNA. With that being said what steps could now WWE take to get out of this misery. We recently read about the birth of a new WWE show dubbed as NXT. What good can that do to WWE. Well, below is a list of my ideas of what should happen:

 A solid rivalry/storyline :

 This is one thing for which probably everyone would agree with me. WWE seriously lacks a good rivalry or feud story line. The rivalries these days are mostly haphazard which either  at the most last 2 or 3 months or continue for such a long time that people get bored of them. I honestly wanted the Kofi/Orton feud to last longer. WWE seems to start a goody rivalry but end up screwing it. For example had there been continuity in the HBK/Taker feud it could have been a epic wrestle mania rematch this year. But WWE as usual screw it up. Now that the thing had been pretty much dead for a year we suddenly see a revenge hopeful Shawn Michaels. And now many of us disapprove the idea of a rematch. Had we seen mush more attacks and epic ppv matches( which definitely were possible), we would be begging for such a match. WWE also tried to bring back the Taker/Batista rivalry but they failed and mixed it up with the HBK angle. Also now we have Edge as the winner of Royal Rumble 2010 who is supposed to be a rival of Chris Jericho who is not a world champion. So now they try to fit Edge in a rivalry picture with both UnderTaker and Sheamus. They need to arrange and organize all the rivalries.

  Do NOT Screw NXT:

NXT in my opinion is a great step that could really be a good step towards revolution for WWE. We could see all the FCW wrestlers on tv and they would get a bigger exposure. We could see birth of new great talent here. As rumored it may contain sci fi storylines that would just be awesome wont it? We could also see rebirth of championships such as the hardcore championship or the million dollar championship( I would love to see Bret DiBiase make a debut with it). With fresh talent and a fresh show, why not have a fresh backstage creative team as well? Why not hire some creative minds such as Shane H. or Ryan Michaels. NXT should also have a defining logo personally i think that the name is lame. I would love to see more cruiser weight wrestlers as well. And some high flying finishers would make me more attracted to the show.

 Tag Teams and Stables: 

 A new stable is what i would love to see now. And the straight edge society is a really great one. I would just want it to expand more and more. I would like to see a couple of developed wrestlers in it as well. DX is seriously getting a failure day by day. The main reason is that they dont have any tag team opponents on raw. We have ample tag teams on SD but what about Raw? Also Hornswoogle? I mean is really the best possible combo DX and Hornswoogle Really? Really? Development seriously is required. Also women tag teams are ought to be made more like the Bella Twins. I would also love to see storyline brothers like Edge and Christian. The tag team championships should no longer be unified. I also would love to see more mixed tag teams and mix tag team titles( CM Punk and Serena) 

 Replace WWE Super Stars:

 ECW was waste of air time and so is superstars. Seriously that show is a joke with no interest of public in it. How about giving that hour to raw and making it a permanent three hour show. We would have more time to develop storylines and rivalries. Superstars is acting as a kids meal. Really no storyline just haphazard random matches like playing a SD vs Raw( featuring ECW) game.Also this show could also like ECW be replaced with an innovative concept how about bringing WCW back. That would really be great. As many of the WCW wrestlers are on IC. This would also be a slap to TNA.


 As previously stated some championships need to be brought back. Hardcore championship, Cruiserweight championship, The Million dollar championship all would seem very fan magnetic ideas. Also new championships can be introduced. What if Bret and Ted Dibiase form a million dollar tag team championship, I would really be amused as a fan on that idea.

 Revive the Attitude Era:

  Who wouldn't love to see that. And now that we have TNA. This could be really a great time to do this. With Stone Cold and The Rock as future guest hosts, could it be? That would really be very great if that happened. How good would that be? And seriously this PG thing is getting on my nerves. We  get to see Hornsowoogle as a star because of this.


  There are also many scattered ideas in my mind for individual wrestlers. One of them is to bring Muhammad Hassan back or making John Morrison a world champion. Making John Cena and Undertaker as a heel or Randy Orton a face. Such interesting turns are short term ideas for fan attention

 I would like to thank you for your time. Please remember its my first time don't be so harsh. I also would like to thank Shane H, Ryan Michael , Joe, Chriss Muller for being my inspiration to write for wrestling.

 Any comments would be really appreciated.