Today (2010): Buy The Express “Baseball Jacket” Now. Do It.

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IFebruary 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

Usually, we denote our regular morning post to a nugget of sports history that’s embedded somewhere in the depths of Wikipedia.  Not today, friends.  Today, we’re asking you to be a bit more proactive.  Live in the now, dammit.

A stroll through a local mall yesterday revealed a new piece of male fashion at Express.  Officially, it’s called the “Nylon Baseball Jacket“….and since the official merchandise title includes the word “baseball”, that means we can feature here.  Sorry, Express.


Mixed with black trousers and a few whiffs of Axe Body Spray, one Express salesman informs me that I’ll be beating off college trim with a stick.  Fair enough.  The price?  $98.00.  A steal, right?

But you can’t fool me, brah.  I’ve seen this look before, and it was in unfavorable circumstances.

Something About Mary Warren Jacket

Yes, sir.

For just a shade under $100, now you can dress like Warren.

Truth be told, I would have forked over straight cash if they named it the “Frank and Beans Jacket” or the “He Waz Mastabatin Wind Breaker”.

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