Cooper Manning: An Innocent Bystander and a Great Role Model

Michael SchwarzbaumContributor IIFebruary 4, 2010

Not coveting is a fulfillment of one of the ten commandments.

Maybe that is why Cooper Manning is so silent.

Regardless, he is human. And that is what makes his story so crazy.

Cooper was sidelined for life from the sport that he loved after doctors diagnosed him with spinal stenosis. His football career was over after high school.

Peyton and Archie have been quoted in different places saying that Cooper was the most talented Manning. The lack of sufficient proof is why the quotes are not in the article. But the overwhelming amount of quotes just show the increased possibility of the validity of those statements.

He was an all-state receiver in high school. He was committed to Ole Miss. His future was set.

This condition has forced Cooper to stop playing. But it is doubtful that a day goes by without him "what if"ing his life. 

As evident in this video , Cooper was no slouch. His stats are not so readily available.

But take this into consideration: Louisiana has the fifth most players in the NFL per state.  They have the most players per capita, with one football player per 55,862 people in the state. And Cooper was an all-state receiver.

People are stressing Cooper's family values, rooting for his brother over his childhood team , as the biggest story and biggest virtue that he has displayed.

But anyone who knows his story at all will tell you otherwise. His ability to suck it up, and take what life has given him is his best attribute.

There is no way Cooper does not have a bad taste in his mouth, that he could never reach the stage that his brothers have reached, and are still reaching. 

But you will never hear him say it.

Cooper is a great role model for any person. Cooper is the best role model for any sports player. And he never even stepped onto an NFL field.

Thank you Cooper.