Auburn Beat Alabama In Recruiting; But Will Not Beat Alabama In 2010

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 27:  Quarterback Greg McElroy #12 of the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 27, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Today is February 3rd, national signing day for NCAA FBS schools. And as the sun sets on the west coast the polls are closing and the final recruiting rankings are being tallied.

Depending on which recruiting service you follow your day either went well, or really very well. For the most part SEC fans follow Rivals and the rest of the country follows who gives them the best ranking. Or, is that vice versa.

It may be today.


Because today Auburn did something in football against Alabama that it has not been able to in the last two seasons...beat them.

As I type, has Auburn currently ranked fourth in the nation in football recruiting and the Tide in the fifth position.

Auburn is gloriously excited, even if ESPN and have Auburn ranked one position behind Alabama. And, they should be, for we all know that only Rivals counts as the true source for college football recruiting.

Well, now that the Tigers have a better recruiting class than Bama it is only evident that they will beat the Tide in 2010. Or, at least that is what the more unleveled headed Auburn fans are spewing.

Tiger fans are under the assumption that since the 2009 Iron Bowl was so close, against one of, if not the best, Alabama teams in history and Coach Chizik was playing with Tubberville's scrubs then all it takes is one minute and twenty-four seconds of defensive depth.

Which is exactly what was recruited in this 2010 class.

This is my question here, if Auburn believes they will beat Alabama in 2010 because of the "close" factor of '09 then what do they think they are going to do with LSU, Kentucky, UGA, and Arkansas? All of whom had better margins of victory over Auburn than Alabama.

Auburn returns a majority of it's starting defense from '09. Alabama loses a majority of it's starting defense. Auburn loses key positions on the offense with the quarterback, tailback and tight end. Alabama keeps pretty much the entire offense.

But with the number one running back recruit and five star Juco quarterback transfer along with Darvin Adams and the returning offensive line it will be hard to stop the Tigers with Gus Malzahn at the helm. And, then you add the rest of the new recruits.

However, here is the rub with the top recruiting class winner theory. If that is the way you are basing the win.

Alabama is coming off of two number one classes from '08 and '09. Auburn is not. The holes you see in the Bama defense will be plugged which makes this 2010 class a reload. Even Saban's first class was in the top ten.

And, lets face it, not all the new recruits will start for Auburn.

You will probably see Cameron Newton take the quarterback role and Michael Dyer challenge Onterio McCalebb for the starting back position.

But, other than that maybe Craig Sanders or Cory Lemonier may sneak into the defensive end position along with Brandon Moseley at tight end. Trevon Reed could be used in a couple of plays.

But Auburn has more heart than Bama and that is why they will win.

The word "heart" was used ad nauseam last year when referring to Auburn. I reference the aforementioned loses for this theory. Where was the heart then?

This term is used in football when a team is less talented but plays up to its opponent. Or, the team comes close to winning but falls short due to lack of depth or during a transition period or situation of circumstance.

Auburn didn't come close to beating Alabama last year because of heart.

They came close because it is a bitter rival.

They came close because they were blown out the year before.

They came close because they were playing at home.

And first and foremost, they came close because they wanted to beat the number 2 team in the nation and wreck Bama's chances for a national championship!

If that is the case then Auburn better hope the Tide is in contention for the BCS National Championship. Otherwise they will just be playing for pride.

Sometimes, pride isn't good enough.

And against the home team, with the best tandem backs in the nation, and a quarterback that not only can manage a game but make plays when needed; the Tigers better hope that Nick Saban puts the wrong bullets in while reloading the defense.