How About Unifying The IC and US Title?

John PaprikaContributor IFebruary 3, 2010

For a long time now the Intercontinental title and the US title have become nothing more than novelty championships with absolutely no meaning or relevance anymore.

I remember when the IC title was used as a platform for up and coming wrestlers to transition into the wwe championship scene. The IC title produced some of the most memorable feuds in WWF history such as stone cold vs the rock, the rock vs triple H and Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon. The IC title was a true indicator of who was going to be a future WWF champion. I remember when IC title matches were always the second most important matches on the card for any PPV. I even remember several IC title matches at Wrestlemania overshadowing the WWF title match. i.e Michaels vs Razor Ramon and Savage vs. Steamboat.

However now we rarely see the IC or US title defended on PPV. In recent times the IC title matches at Wrestlemania have been lacklustre or we don't see the IC or US title defended at WM, instead the title holders compete in the Money in the Bank match which is more important. Also the titles have been held in recent times by people who we know will never become wwe champion like santino and william regal.

I strongly believe that both titles should still be relevant and defended regularly, as well as being used to build up feuds and transition up starters to the main event scene. However I admit that it's hard to fit a IC and US title match in the same PPV due to 2 championship matches being held as well as an ECW title match as well.

My solution to make both titles relevant again is to unify them. There are several benefits of doing so:

1. By unifying the titles, the reigning champ can appear on both brands, allowing for the creative team to create more inter-brand feuds between wrestlers. That way if there are two wrestlers who we know could create a great feud are on separate brands, we can allow that feud to occur.

2. It ensures that there is enough room on PPVs to fit in a title defence, therefore allowing the title to be defended regularly.

3. It allows for more people to contest for the title. As we have seen in the past there have been times where there have been only a few viable people contesting for the IC or US title, repeating the same feuds i.e. mysterio vs ziggler over and over again. By unifying the titles, we can see more feuds develop.

4. It would clearly define what the second tier championship in the WWE truly is.