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CHL News etc.
-Last week Joe Ori signed a new contract with the Mudbugs only to jump the pond and sign with a team in Europe. But, since he did sign with the bugs first, if he does decide to come back to the US and play, he would either have to play for bugs or get traded. (link). He was one of the players I had hoped to see return, but really, I wouldn't be all that sad if no one from the past two season came back to play for us again.......unless they can figure out how to play playoff hockey, of course.

- The Corpus Christi Rayz have a new logo and name- "new" IceRays logo
- so do the Tulsa Oilers.......about the logo, not the name- as seen on the chl website

- I found this article on, which goes along with another article in ranking the top non-conference schedules in the nation, here's an excerpt
"LSU and Kentucky should be embarrassed. Kentucky, to a point, is understandable: three gimme games are a must to reach bowl status. But LSU? Shameful."

Here is LSU's non conference schedule : Appalachian State, Troy, North Texas and Tulane. First, after last season, I'm a little nervous about Appy State coming into Louisiana's version of the Big House, on the season opener no less.......the other 3 teams may be shameful, but at least mention the first potential landmine, eh? and 2nd, how many good teams really want to play LSU? even playing the first game of the "home and home" is just putting off the inevitable showdown in Death Valley....which will most likely be at night since CBS is out of the picture (not an SEC game). In case you didn't know, LSU loses a home night game about as often as you hear someone say something good about George W Bush.....unless you live in Texas, obviously. So, any school that signs a contract to play LSU knows before hand that A) They are ending their chances at undefeated season, years before that particular season even starts, or B) Should they happen to win, they know for a fact that they better schedule their bye week for the week following the game vs LSU because of the toll it will take on their players. Just ask Virginia Tech.

Of course, USC was ranked at the top....funny they didn't mention their conference schedule, or LSU/Kentucky's for that matter. Oh well....

check the link of the day for the greatest chant ever, brought to you by the students of Wisconsin University(warning, may not be suitable for children)

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