Is National Signing Day Really This Important?

Mr. Jones and MeCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2010

National Signing Day is officially the most overblown sports day of the year.  These 18 and 19-year old kids won’t get this much play on prom night.


Every major media sports outlet is running headlines about the event, with EPSN leading the parade with nine straight hours of live coverage.


Coverage of what?


Ninety percent of the young men singing National Letters of Intent today were already strongly committed to one university or another, and of the ten percent who weren’t, maybe half made a decision that surprised anyone.  There is about as much drama to National Signing Day as there is in your average Will Ferrell movie.


Even the stories that do emerge aren’t really stories.  CBS Sports claims, “Top Recruits Flock to Florida, Texas.”  Really.  Texas and Florida.  Never would have guessed.


Did you see ESPN’s live updates of class ranks as players make their decisions?  Is that information we really need, and exactly how do you calculate it anyway?  I am guessing the same people behind the BCS are behind this system as well. 


Furthermore, how many of these kids we’re talking about will have any real impact on college football next season?  Maybe ten to fifteen percent?  The vast majority of these kids will play as much of a role in their team’s success next year as you and I will.


Yes, they are the future of college football, and a couple years from now many of them will become household names. However, there is a reason no one cares about Major League Baseball’s amateur draftvery few of the players have any kind of immediate impact.


I don’t need to know the name of each and every one of Florida’s seventeen ESPNU Top 150 recruits or the effects that Seantrel Henderson’s decision to attend USC has on the 2012 National Championship picture.


Isn’t there anything more important going on today in the world of sports?