Face to Face With Sheamus, Edge Is Still Number One

lee raydeanCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2010


As RAW opened its show this week, none other than the Rated R Superstar and winner of the Royal Rumble, Edge, came out to talk to the fans.

He looks and acts more alert and aware of things than he did before. Edge has more confidence, and has seemed to have mellowed out some.

The Superstar talked about his injury and how he was able to come back a few months early, but also said that there was a chance he may not have been able to wrestle again.

As it goes, the strong willingness has brought Edge back to where he belongs, in the WWE. I think the WWE Universe was happy to see him as well.

Edge commented on how his "partner" at the time, Chris Jericho, put him on the back burner, spoke down to him as if he was some washed up athlete that was a hasbeen.

With an achilles tendon injury, the superstars of the WWE world didn't think Edge would be back, at least not as early as this.

No one was more surprised to see him coming out to the RR to compete than Chris Jericho. He looked like he saw a ghost.

There he was standing tall in that ring Monday Night, chatting to the WWE Universe, when the WWE champion, Sheamus, made an appearance. Entering the ring with the belt, Sheamus seemed to be taunting Edge.

They were comparing how many times they had beaten John Cena, which Edge won. Then they went on to say that Edge has been to Wrestlemania and that Sheamus had never been there. Or in an Elimination Chamber.

Sheamus taunted Edge some more and Edge walked over to the champion and they were face to face and Sheamus hit Edge in the jaw with the mic.

The Rated R Superstar wasn't going to take any gruff from the Irishman. After Edge stood up in the corner, Sheamus thought he was going to kick Edge but he missed and Edge was like a maniac. He got Sheamus down on the mat and was pummeling on him.

The Superstar was on him in a NY second. The Irishman didn't think Edge had the fight in him anymore. Don't ever rule out Edge. That would be a big mistake.

Edge will be headlining Wrestlemania26 and he will face the man with no color, the man that Edge referred to as Ronald Mcdonald, if Sheamus wins the Elimination Chamber Match.

So now we may see one hell of a match at Wrestlemania26. Edge vs Sheamus, what a huge headliner. Of course Edge wants to be back at the top, and I have a feeling he will be.

At his first appearance at RR, he won and now going to the grandest stage of them all and that was his first time back in the ring since last summer.

He made a grand entrance and exited as a winner!

He had an evil look in his eyes and a wild look on his face. Sheamus turned around and bam, Edge hit him with a spear. The champion didn't know what hit him.