Tommy Dreamer Gives Insight Into WWE Next Gen

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Tommy Dreamer Gives Insight Into WWE Next Gen
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    Tommy Dreamer tweeted the following comment following Vince McMahons ECW announcement "Many people have asked me why I left WWE. If you watched ECW tonight, a piece of the puzzle was revealed for my actions.Stay tuned." This message can mean many things but one is that Dreamer is not very pleased with the direction that the show is taking.

    The nerving thing is that Dreamer mentions that this change is only a small piece of the puzzle for why he left. One can only think that the creative direction for WWE Next Gen might not be very good. Tommy Dreamer is a fan of the buisness and is usually in tune with what wrestling fans want. Upon hearing the recent rumors that the new show might be made to play more to SYFY viewers I cannot help but feel worried. The last time they tried this we saw ridiculous things like the Sandman beating up a zombie in the ring. 

    I for one believe that Dreamer left because he knew that the new format would revolve around a person like himself. The title itself suggests that veterans such as Gold Dust might have a hard time getting television time on the new program. I am sure veterans will be needed but Dreamers displeasure with the new format suggests that this show might be a huge mistake. Furthurmore if this is just one piece of the puzzle It is going to be interesting to see what else is going to take place on the program.

    Regardless of whatever people might think about Tommy Dreamer the fact remains that he is a fan at heart. The man loves professional wrestling and even orders the PPV's like us since he left the company. His devotion to the sport is evident and anyone whom has ever attended a house show with him performing knows that he gives it his all. It doesnt matter if their are cameras or not Dreamer's passion for the buisness can always be felt. If he was not on board with WWE Next Gen then something must be wrong.     

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