Eagles Will Not Trade Michael Vick in 2010

Chris Mcduffy@dsgballdayContributor IFebruary 3, 2010

According to NFL networks Michael Lombardi, the Philadelphia Eagles are not planning to trade Michael Vick this year.  Lombardi stated last night on NFL Total Access that his sources have told him that Eagles coach Andy Reid is excited about having Vick on the roster for 2010 and has more packages for Vick this season that would give him 7 to 15 plays per game. 


This report by Lombardi seems to contradict what many analyst and fans alike have figured.  From the beginning it seemed that the Vick signing was nothing more than the equivalent to a “Real-estate Flip”, meaning he was brought in cheap and would get traded for a good draft pick. 


Vick has stated on several occasions that he is interested in starting again in the NFL and by staying with the Eagles as it stands right now, he would be a backup this year with McNabb and Kolb on the roster.  Although rumors have been swirling about all three quarterbacks, there has been little speculation coming from the Eagles with any interests in getting rid any of the three QB’s.


Either way you look at this situation the Eagles seem to be in a great position, with two pro bowl qb’s (past and present), and one of the hottest prospects in the league with Kolb on their roster. It’s a win-win situation for the Eagles, and for a franchise that has done good business in the past they know what they are doing.