Are We Talking About The Same Jose Reyes?

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008


The Mets suffered a tough one today, losing 7-1 to the NL Central second-place St. Louis Cardinals.  John Maine appeared out of sorts all day, and the bats never woke up.  However for me, the biggest issue of the day was the insane ripping of Jose Reyes that went on for his childish display yesterday.

Although I did hear Jose get ripped pretty badly from several different people, the worst by far was Chris Carlin today on Loudmouths, a show that airs on SNY during the afternoons.  Of course I will have to paraphrase, but he said something like this "You look at Jose Reyes and his displays and you have to wonder when the negatives start to out weight the positives, I think they already have".  

Excuse me Mr.Carlin, I understand that your job on that show is to blow issues out of proportion and listen to Adam Schein tell you about nuggets he would like to chew on and as you "WHO" like it is some kind of catch phrase.  

But come on, this is the player who has the most steals in the MLB over the last three seasons.  Not to mention his carrer .285 batting average, which happens to be higher than Alfonso Soriano's.  

Or the fact that he, more than any other player possibly in the history of baseball, has a huge impact on whether his team wins or looses, to this point this season in Met wins, Jose has batted .339 with 50 runs scored.  Whereas in losses he has batted 250 with mereley 10 runs scored.  

I can't think of a team in baseball that doesn't need a spark plug like that.  Yes, I understand that Jose Reyes isn't perfect, yes he can be childish, but let's remember, baseball is a game that is supposed to be fun, and sometimes we all need to be reminded of that.  And whenever you do need to be reminded of that, there is nobody better to watch than Jose Reyes.