On The Eve Of Signing Day: What Do Some UM Fans Really Want..?

Daton O. FullardContributor IFebruary 2, 2010


Since we are poised and sitting so quietly awaiting National Signing Day tomorrow.. Here is why I want an application to be a UM Fan-genius too..Man there are so many incredible geniuses on this forum..Who on the surface seem to think that the only answer that they have..Is their very own myopic assessments about what they think UM Football lacks or is in dire need of..

I constantly have to pinch and remind myself that I am reading..Supposedly some of the brightest best and most well informed..Educated opinions from some very smart people..Who assume a superior position right away by belittling..Then discounting as an afterthought so casually..UM's alleged inferior ACC conference opposition..But does that narrow perspective alone tell the entire story..? No..

It cannot help but make me think that maybe that is what this very young UM team also has a tendency to on occasion do too sometimes ?..As if the other team simply does not matter..There are so many people who are fans of this program that seems to think..That when you play the game of Football..It just requires putting the U on the side of a helmet..And that this act alone will give you a boost or a benefit unearned.. Nor achieved without actually outworking someone..To then obtain the necessary or desired result..of a win..Simple isn't it when you are a genius..

I think so many UM fans carry forth some sense of entitlement unknowingly..Forged in part from the storied past accomplishments of some truly great Teams..The problem I have with today's UM fans is a flat out refusal by some fans..To simply understand I suppose that this present team is still very young..Although quite filled with promise and potential..

But as a team which is still quite under talented in some areas..Both Offensive and Defensively..So many still do not even completely grasp or know how to fully execute their assignments..Nor understand their still emerging roles very well..For that matter..

It is a very vexing combination of youthful exuberance and inexperience..Which is only part of the greater problem..How about 3 different defensive and offensive coordinators..in less than 3 yrs...What the heck do you all expect..? Some still rather blindly say by rote that they want an ACC Championship and a National Championship..?  

Last time I checked neither of one the 5 NC's I have seen won before by UM teams..Do not just come up to you and just jump in your lap..Because they somehow like you better than someone else who is more deserving..

You have to develop a team wide mindset of a take no prisoners mentality..!!  And get some favorable breaks along the way..In all honesty folks this very young team is still not quite their yet..by far..But they are slowly beginning to show some encouragingly positive signs of improving in this department..Some of you fail to realize what happens when you play a very determined competitor..

Whose one key advantage is they have not had all the many key personnel turnovers you have had..Oh surely to some of you that is not such a direly critical factor or element..It cost UM in 2 possibly 3 very close games this past season..Where a single play could have made such a difference..You still have the U on your helmet..Surely that alone will still give you your swagger factor..right..Oh but wait a minute this is the ACC right..UM was supposed to dominate all of these guys right..Even before the first ACC game was ever even played..

So how much ACC dominance has UM had so far..?  Last time I checked none is what I have seen..The complete combination of poise competitive balance depth talent and will to win..is not all the way there yet..Simple enough..The quality of UM's ACC competitors..Who will often pull out all the stops..Because of how badly they want to get a win over a once perceived premium top tier opponent..Yet still under talented in many ways..Still is not yet a ready for prime time team..

Which by the way is still in need of occasional training wheels..While they are still going through growing and a lack of experience stage so easily apparent in this last mostly inconsistent season..Oh I suppose that does not matter either..The U is still suppose to win every game and compete for a National Championship every year..!! People get real that is not going to happen until all the right pieces are assembled..And then only when each are fully in its proper place..

When UM was in the Big East they often held a somewhat decided advantage over most of those programs in the recruiting wars..It doesn't matter how many NC's you may have won before..When UM moved into the ACC..They no longer had or held a superior talent advantage period..They were the ones soon exposed as having a talent disadvantage..

There was no deep talent nor depth pool..What they came into the ACC with was a poorly recruited decimated facsimile of a team..Trying to live up to all the bravado and the hype..Forced to battle and try to draw life and courage from a very weakened shell of a roster..

That was and still is a bit thin now but better positioned now to begin to compete..!

That has not always been the situation..Since UM made the move from the Big East to the ACC..They have been barely average and just mediocre at best..The wins and losses reflect this reality check perfectly..No matter what your perspective or School loyalties would suggest..Blame whoever you wish..It still will not change what you see or saw on the field lately.. 

This program has little or no margin for critical mental errors..Coach Shannon knows this much better than some of you do..In the minds of all the many resident geniuses that reside here..Don't believe me..? Some are actually insisting that this must be the watershed year that according to some of you..UM must win the ACC or a National Championship..Or they have failed..? Really..!!

Or we must then fire Coach Shannon and just start all over again completely from scratch..Throwing away everything including the model.. 4yrs into a restoring mode of trying to put some very talented wheels on a used car..That many of you still want to pretend and insist is new..Like trying to restore a once vaunted program from a very bad situation..Thanks Coach see you later.

Everyone is suddenly a genius critic of the present Coaching staff..For all the wrong reasons..Coach Randy Shannon is perceived to be flawed because he was given a very bad mandate..To try and restore a once very savvy media-hyped up program..Which had here to fore gone completely the other way in loss of talent..Yet so many of you are now so enamored only with its past glory..Now you are the programs worst enemy attacking it constantly from within..And guess what Geniuses you are suppose to be its fan base..Geez..?  

Apparently nobody but Coach Randy Shannon decided to look into the cupboard..Then noticed the cabinets were all of sudden badly depleted empty and completely bare..? So now all the dreamers and all the many weekend armchair QB's..Tear apart every slight misguided perception via instant forums..While sabotaging and releasing your own vitriol..Screaming and ranting all day about how great "Da U" used to be..

Well go ahead and Fire this coach..Who has won several National Championships and understands the daunting special requirements of this enormous challenge..Who whether some of you all like it or not..Does understand what is required better than most of the people looking in from the out side of this program..

So many so called UM Fans populating this and other equally harsh and critical forums..Sadly can see only themselves in their favorite UM bashing mirror..While appearing larger than life..Like all of a sudden well intended know it all's..However, it is still a free country and throwing around opinions are fun..

Particularly when they require no performance criteria to make or post one..Just throw some mud the more outlandish and controversial the better..Every so called modern fan now sees this as some kind of a formal rite of passage..Any Coach now loses a game is suddenly an idiot or worse..So what does that make you..?  Why because someone else is doing it so the reasoning then becomes why not you too..

I am not here to defend Coach Shannon or what he may or may not someday achieve..Apparently it will never be enough for some who will always post here..Many of whom are still living in their own perpetual frozen state of the past..If you look at the simple blueprint of what is being done currently at UM..To address and replace its dearth of mediocrity in Talent..For those geniuses out there not yet acquainted with this concept..

It takes building actual "Competitive Depth" at each and every position..It also takes a hell of a lot of skill and badly needed luck..As well as situational targeted recruiting and also getting a few breaks along the way..

Not having key critical injuries to certain personnel..All of which UM has had plenty of issues with..Including at the QB position..Starting even this last season with no real QB depth..While looking at all the mediocrity in personnel Coach Shannon and his staff inherited..Resulted in the staff being forced to toss his young freshmen players on the field..And hoping that they would just become better in time..To someday become his battle hardened sophomores..

Folks this is only the beginning of the work needed to be done and required to rebuild and restore..This badly faded facade of this once proud and heralded program..It takes something else too so many here apparently are a wee bit lacking in..It is some thing called patience..

Will it be enough in year 3 of a 5 year blueprint..? For many who post here no..Read all the "fire the coach posers"..Whose only apparent solution is to bring in someone else.. Who is totally unfamiliar with the growth and maturation process of these young players..That too is a required part so necessary for them to become successful..If this is not handled properly you simply undue all the prior development..While setting the program back again 1 or 2 more years..With one more very bad decision..

Remember the Pat Riley Miami Heat teams with Jamal Mashburn that once got within one game of the NBA finals..One player away and he abruptly decided since he was so upset..To just trash that team and start all over again..According to so many of the wonderful UM fans here..

Who are screaming for blood is that truly just what this very young already fragile UM Team needs and deserves..Unfortunately the answer for so many of you seem to be yes..UM does have a very unrealistic and a sometimes misguided fan base..Some clearly still locked up in the glory closet of the past..

Who simply refuse do not and cannot see the future..Because it is not a spitting image of the past..It truly is a very sad state of affairs actually..This very young UM Football Team truly deserves a better fan base than that..    

But that's just my opinion..I suppose that also qualifies me to as being another fly by night genius too..Well we shall all soon see what news National Signing day 2010 will soon bring forth...Go Canes..!! And please give the middle finger salute to all those armchair geniuses..When you guys finally put it together..!!

OOps ! I am so sorry about that last part..Seems my ingenius side got the best of me..