DX + CM Punk & Luke Gallows + The Miz & Big Show = Tag Title Split?

Chris KellyCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2010

RAW guest-host William Shatner made an intriguing match for next Monday night's RAW. He decide to pit the current Unified Tag Team Champions, DX against fellow RAW Superstars The Miz and The Big Show, and also against Smackdown's Straight Edge duo of CM Punk and Luke Gallows, in a Triple Threat Tag Team match.

With Wrestlemania around the corner and an expected looming DX split in the near future, next Monday could be an opportune time to relieve DX of the tag straps, leaving HHH & HBK to their own individual endeavours (or an outside shot at a DX feud between the two founding/current members).

But the issue then becomes: who should be the new champions?

Well, my answer is: why not both challenging teams?

The tag titles, while unified, have never been physically combined into one set of belts. This would lead me to believe that the eventual plan has been to split the belts back up so WWE would have Tag Team champions on RAW & Smackdown. With the (apparent) impending demise of DX, at least until their next reunion, now would be a perfect time to divide the Unified straps.

Since Shawn has tunnel vision about getting himself into another Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker (a match I believe he will make happen, albeit only to lose again to the Dead Man), his lack of focus presents an opportune time to put this plan into action. A double pin by, say Punk & The Miz, on Shawn gives both teams a legitimate claim to the belts. And I don't even think you need Vince or Teddy Long, or, heaven forbid, Carl Edwards, to rule on this -- just have Punk & Gallows grab one set of belts and have Show & Miz grab the other and just slowly back away.

Smackdown gets new Tag Team Champions to compete with The Hart Dynasty, Cryme Tyme, Khali & Matt Hardy, etc. while RAW opens up future tag title shots for Legacy, MVP/Mark Henry, maybe the Colons reunite ... who knows? Many fans have bemoaned the lack of emphasis on tag team wrestling in the WWE (a lot feel it's one of the few areas where TNA consistently dominates), so, maybe this could return some of the glory to the WWE & World Tag Titles. Or maybe not. It's worth a shot ... somebody get Vince on the phone!