Forrest Griffin vs. Quinton Jackson: Welcome to the Jungle

James DuryeaContributor IJune 30, 2008

It all becomes real on Saturday. From an obscure, fringe sport delivered from a small, niche network, catering to the 18-34 gold mine, here is your anointed Challenger.

With a wit as strong as his sprawl, and a sarcastic tongue to match a stiff jab, Forrest Griffin walks into the Cage on July 5 the fan favorite and the underdog. He'll confront the man who ko'd the Iceman, and took the pride belt away in a decision against Dan Henderson—The Rampage.

Don't count out the former ATL lawman, who is known for stand up wars. If he can keep this on his feet, and not give up top position to the stronger wrestler, then he can take his shots, and possibly stop Rampage.

The key will be to keep the leg kicks coming to the lead leg of Rampage. This will slow the shot, and keep him from landing strong jabs. Forrest will be a stronger technician, but the power will have to go to Rampage. So if Forrest can circle when Rampage comes in, and land the jab, he can exploit the weakness that Rampage has of coming in too often on his opponents.

Regardless, we, the fans, are in for a treat on Saturday. Get ready!