DX and Stone Cold on RAW: Is this 1998?

Chris LowryContributor INovember 4, 2007

If you are a fan of WWE you probably watch WWE Raw and know that WWE is advertising for Monday's RAW in Los Angeles a 'DX One Night Only' reunion and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin will be there, probably to confront Santino Marella who has been badmouthing his performance in the WWE Films release The Condemned.

On an unrelated note there are rumours that WWE will be bringing back Chris Jericho soon.  

I have a feeling on Monday we're going to see Stone Cold get the best of Santino with a Stone Cold Stunner and then drink a few beers in the ring. In a perfect wrestling world Santino would get tremendous heat from taking down a legend like Austin. It won't happen though. And that's what's wrong with WWE. They forgot why they overtook WCW in the ratings war. They were forced to create new stars like The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, Y2J, etc because all the big names went for the money in WCW. WWE is supposed to be creating new stars from the current generation of performers they have under contract.

You're wondering what I have to say about DX? I have less of a problem with either Triple H or Shawn Michaels being a main eventer for WWE. My issue is the DX gimmick they're using isn't new. On RAW they will have a One Night Only DX reunion or so Vince McMahon claims. They're scheduled to face the WWE Champion Randy Orton and Umaga. I'm hoping for a swerve and a heel turn from one of them, but I'm not holding my breath. If I was asked to lay money on what I think will happen I'd think DX will foil Mr. McMahon's plans and be victorious instead of the person wearing the WWE Title who will still be wrestling for them 5-10 years down the line.

All they need now is for Chris Jericho to re-debut on RAW in Los Angeles and it will be a deja vu flashback to 1998. Maybe The Rock will show up too.