The Dallas Cowboys Bad Boy Image Has Had Some Great Results Over The Years

TexasCowboyCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

Now before you start dropping me messages telling me how badly we stink or how we are no longer America's Team! Let's face some serious facts here, the media back in the Landry era of Cowboys football focused more of the attention on the head coach and the clean cut guys like Roger Staubach and Randy White.

While the 90's saw the media turn it's attention more on the guys who were making the nightly news for being busted, players such as Michael Irvin and Erik Williams.

The point? The coaches took the good with the bad Tom Landry knew his players had issues but tried to get his guys, to focus on the important issue, which was coming together as a team and winning.

Something he did twice during the 70's, winning the 1971 Super Bowl against Miami and the 1977 Super Bowl against Denver.

While his predeccesor Jimmy Johnson went on to win back to back Super Bowl titles in 1992 and 1993 and his replacement went on to win the Super Bowl in 1995 defeating Pittsburgh in Super Bowl 30.

All the while of having questionable character on the team imagine that!!!!