The Media-Sports Machine

Brian SnavelyContributor IFebruary 2, 2010

LAWRENCE, KS - JANUARY 25:  Zaire Taylor #11 of the Missouri Tigers wrestles for a loose ball with Cole Aldrich #45 of the Kansas Jayhawks during the game on January 25, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

What is wrong with the media today? News happens everyday but gets forgotten or swept under the rug. I may watch ESPN for example because I want to keep track of my favorite teams when they play. If I had a laptop with a wireless network I’d probably wouldn’t even watch ESPN unless one of my favorite teams was on. Why do I do this you might be wondering? Well the biggest reason I do this is because well ESPN and the rest of the media is really about whatever is popular in sports. I mean opening day for Major League Baseball use to be a big deal now this year Boston and New York will open the year probably live on ESPN. I hope it’s a one time deal but knowing our luck its going to be a staple like Notre Dame football every week on NBC. Media jumps on the band wagon when its popular because of ratings which equals money. 

Right now the big thing going besides the Super Bowl this Sunday is the Collage Basketball. For the first time in my memory my Jayhawks started the season at Number 1 on the USA Today/ESPN  and AP Top 25 polls. Yes the lost a heartbreaker to Tennessee which is fine there is too much clutter in an undefeated perfect season this according to Nick Saban. Now last week big bad Kentucky who became Number 1 after Texas lost 2 in a row was beaten by an unranked team. Any given day a team will win doesn’t matter who you are. I really thought though oh Kentucky would still be Number 1 because the popular thing right now is John Wall even though Sherron Collins might be better John Wall has already won Player of the Year Honors. Regardless of this the Jayhawks are back on top for how long who knows the Big 12 can be murder but its perfect ground to set up for the NCAA tournament. I believe the Jayhawks are one of the best and well Rock Chalk Champions one more time.

The other thing that bugs me is this whole Mark McGwire thing. Let me set the record straight. I am just as heartbroken as other fans were that he used Performance Enhancers but you know I am trying to be a good Christian and forgive the man. After all I started watching baseball that fateful season with he did what he did. Its over and you cannot change what happens. If he gets in to Cooperstown great let Pete Rose in while your at it.  I won’t hold my breath for either or. My problem is that the media has dragged him through the mud on this and refuse to let it go. They have gone after ever possible source to make it worse then it is.  Yet you have Manny Ramirez formally of the 2004 Red Sox WS Team now an LA Dodger, David Ortiz Red Sox WS Team, Alex Rodriquez NY Yankee WS, Roger Clemons NY Yankee WS Team, Andy Pettitte NY Yankee WS and I could go on and on lets not forget the Cardinal Sinner Barry Bonds about PED users but these are the most prolific. The media destroys McGwire who to this day I consider a Class Act which was reinforced with his confession and yet you’d still vote some of the losers into the Hall of Fame The media glorifies them because they play for hallowed teams. If I am a fan of these teams I am having bonfire I tell you what. I wouldn’t let my daughter even put on a Yankees hat lest she wants strict punishment. 

The media seems to me to dictating things. Thank goodness Obama wants the Justice department to look into the legality of the BCS. I mean I heard a guy on Sportstalk radio who said he would throw up if Oregon made it to the Rose Bowl. Why? All the media wants is to cater to the big money big market teams and the rest get left out the door. Why didn’t the Nuggets get passed the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals last year? Ratings. The Media has taken the thrill out of pure competition and it is killing sports. You want proof go watch a Lakers game objectively. Look at their stats. Oh and you think the Ref they caught rigging the games was the only one. 

Let the truth set you free and you the media set a better precedence.