Green in NASCAR's Future Not The Kind Expected

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Green in NASCAR's Future Not The Kind Expected

Researchers are moving towards alternative sources of fuel to lessen environmental impact.

An article today from the Green Home community (opens new window) shows that NASCAR may be moving towards a new form of ethanol.  One that is not based on corn, but Kudzu.

Yes, the horribly invasive plant from the South may be NASCAR's cure to save our planet's ecology. Sorta.

NASCAR currently uses a small percentage of ethanol in the Sunoco gas it uses.  But, if the Kudzu creation is able to meet supply and demand, it could come into further use.  Someday, we could see an entire field running on only Kudzu ethanol.

There are two pluses for NASCAR and fans.  There will be more corn that can be used for our food supply, and also a decrease in dependence on foreign oil suppliers.

Don't get your hopes up for this to happen anytime soon, though.  The Kudzu fuel is still a theory at this point, and has not been turned into reality.

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