Kids Working On Commonwealth Games Stadium For Food

Daniel GoochAnalyst IFebruary 2, 2010

Children as young as FIVE are working in the shadow of the New Delhi Commonwealth Games stadium. Working hour after hour, day after day in return for milk and bread.

Construction bosses are getting children who can just about go to school to toil alongside their parents on the New Delhi development for the October event.

Clearing the construction zone - a job that is tiring, dirty and unhealthy, but if they want to survive they have to do it.

The Commonwealth games is a huge international event, but astonishingly, child labour is helping the event go ahead.

There has been outcry about child labour in countries like India, with kids working in factories, so why not now?

This is wrong!!

This is an article to show everyone what is happening... it is not mean too be long, just to the point