Smackdowns gone "Gold"?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJune 30, 2008

Many people dispute over which brand is going to be the "a" Show of the WWE. Some say Raw. Some say Smackdown. In my opinion I say Smackdown and not just because the Blue Brand has both titles its because of the quality of the wrestlers on the show. Lets take a look at both rosters here:

  • Raw has John Cena, Randy Orton, HBK, Y2J, JBL, Rey Myterio, CM Punk, Batista, and Kane.
  • Smackdown has Edge, Triple H, Undertaker (soon), Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, and UmagaThe Big Show.


Which do you think has the better roster? In my humble opinion its Smackdown folks Raw may have a few more top stars, but this is a case of quality over quantity.


Lets review Raws top stars and what they bring to the brand:

John Cena: The golden boy is all alone on top of Raw with now title to challenge for. He is the shows main attraction the kids love him. Not sure where he will go from here?

Randy Orton: Out of action, but when he returns he'll be the top heel with ALOT of faces to work with.

HBK: Hes the veteran of the brand and rarely wrestles on the show anymore, which is understandable. People still love just to see HBK and his feud with Y2J has been very well, Bravo to the writers. Jericho and Michaels have always worked well together.

Chris Jericho: Y2J is one of the few top stars who hasn't been main evented lately. I think pairing him with  Shawn was a nice way to build him back up. He brings a nice amount of talent ot the show and I hope they have good matches together its been a while since they have worked together. 

JBL: Although hes been entertaining in the past few months he hasn't been doing anything anyone cares about. He needs to kick somebody's ass for no reason at all. Maybe Punk, maybe Rey, maybe Kane just make us care about you!!!

Rey: Well if he can stay healthy and slow down a bit and adapt his style Rey will do well on Raw. I see him becoming one of the top stars if they don't have him job to Cena or Jericho.

Punk: With the MitB title shoot Punk will be in the main events soon. I see him getting pissed off after a champion (whoever it may be) disrespects him. Then challenging and losing his title shoot. Poor Punk, all he wants is a heel turn. :*(

Batista: He will likley play second Face to John Cena and have some nice feuds with JBL, Jericho, and maybe Orton. Batista has plenty to do on Monday's and that's why I'm glad hes there.

Kane: He will become part of the mid-card (hopfully).  He fits so much better there, Have some matches with Kofi and Punk. Just keep him busy.


Now lets review Smackdowns roster.

Edge: Like Orton Edge will play top heel, unless HHH hopes back on his "Mean Machine" and runs everybody over, but I don't see HHH turning heel anytime soon. Edge will likely have a few nice programs with Hardy, Show, and eventually HHH. Then we get The Undertaker's return. =]]]]]]]]

Triple H: Do I even need to go over it? He will be "King Bad ass" until they decide to put Hardy or Kennedy over again, god I hope they don't blow it again. HHH will be the big thing on Smackdown and will be the thing that makes Samckdown better than before. Triple H may hold other superstar down, but I don't see HBK or Taker breaking thier back to put young guys over either.

Undertaker: Finally we get to see Triple H vs. Taker (HHH has NEVER pinned Taker) =o.  Hopfully Taker won't get involved with Umaga, that storyline would be pretty boring in my eyes. A nice program with Show would be ok. Taker will bring to Smackdown what he always brings. The big match feel. His matches always seem important.

Jeff Hardy: Hardy will bring a excitement level to Smackdown that his older brother couldn't. If Jeffs not in the main event level of the show theres not gonna be much for him to do. No US title for him to win. Tag titles are still defended on SD, now all he need to  find a possible face partner with nothing else to do (enter Kennedy Kennedy).

Ken Kennedy: He works much better on Smackdown although I was finally liking him on Raw, especially with HBK. I loved their matches on Raw. I hope Ken doesn't get lost in the shuffle of stars on SD.  Maybe a nice tag team run. Then a couple of programs with Show and Hardy and maybe finally be pushed by HHH or Edge. Kennedy will hopefully bring a nice "The Rock" type charisma to the show.

MVP: I see him feuding with Hardy then getting jobbed out by HHH, but if Big Show ever appears on SD I can see MVP playing the underdog against Show. MVP has a nice way of building people up without looking weak, and example is with his matches with Batista lthis past spring. A quality his mentor (Benoit) once had.

Umaga: The only thing Umaga is good at is elevating people. In hope he elevates Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin needs and deserves a push. Umaga will beat some jobber and then lose his big match's. That's his thing.

The Big Show: I am super exited for Show on SD. Match his name to any other name on the Smackdown list right now.......done? All of the match-up sound new don't they. I hope he gets over as a unbeatable monster and kicks more ass than The Spartins in 300.


Ok there we go. Obviously SD has an advantage with both World Titles and a better (In somes opinion) roster. Other things will make or break the two shows. Injuries, wellness suspensions, the storylines, and of course whatever going on in that evil mind of Mr. McMahon. He may decide he wants to move a world title back to Raw (if so I hope its Edge). The best thing about WWE right now, I don't now what to expect next. =]]]]]]]