Elimination Chamber: Greatest Gimmick Match in WWE?

James TurnerCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2010

There has been all sorts of gimmick matches in the WWE. Ladder, Chairs, Tables, all three combined. Falls Count Anywhere, Street Fight, No DQ. Then, you have the classic cage matches.

And then you have the Deadman gimmick matches. Inferno, Buried Alive, Casket and the infamous Hell In A Cell. All four are those gimmick's first debut featured the Phenom, The Undertaker. Many believe he can be the most beloved wrestler of all-time. Sorry Hogan.

All these gimmick matches have had some classic moments. None of them are as dangerous as the elimination chamber.

The Elimination Chamber proves whose the best at that time. It takes a man to win that match.

Last year, Edge lost his WWE Title and won the World Title in the same night. HHH won the WWE Title by pinning the Undertaker.

What I'm saying is that with the Elimination Chamber, there is no cheating way to win the match. No steel chairs, no interefences unless they are competing in the match. No countouts or disqualifications so that wrestler won't look "weak" to the fans. This match determines a clear cut winner.

You win this match, you get bragging rights. You're winning the toughest gimmick match. And more importantly, you're going to Wrestlemania as the champion. This is a great PPV at the right time of the year.

That's something that I don't believe Kingston and Dibiase Jr, even Sheamus are ready for the chamber just yet. But by the time it rolls around, it will be anyone's ball game.

I personally would love to see Kingston win it. But I honestly believe Sheamus is going to pull this one out. That would be Vince McMahon's way of shoving Sheamus down the WWE Universe's throats.

I honestly don't care who wins the match. As long as it's exciting.

I will finish part 2 once I found out whose in the Smackdown Chamber. I still believe the Chamber is the best gimmick match in WWE period.