Whats For Dinner Edge?

dexter cavadaContributor IFebruary 2, 2010

If you saw the 2010 Royal Rumble you may have noticed that edge gained some weight. I understand that Edge has been gone for months but what in the hell happened Edge? Have you been eating at McDonalds ordering one of every item on their menu? Where is your work ethic? your undying love of the sport, your dignity, your discipline? Oh wait Edge doesn't have all this qualities this is Edge the Opportunist! I believe he is the only wrestler alive that can go heel and face at the same time. We love to hate Edge. And that is a fact. Not like Cena who is Allegedly Gay. Cena represents the PG era while Edge represents the attitude era of WWE.

And now for my story on what happened to Edge while he was away...

July 2009: Edge undergoes a surgery for his Achilles tendon, not to be outdone Cena undergoes the same procedure now Cena has 2 left foot

August 2009: Edge ate a whole cow

September 2009: Edge ate another whole cow

October 2009:Edge worked on the luxury cruise ship as the captain of MV queen ll. Cena also worked on the ship as their Anchor.

November 2009: Edge ate 1 more cow, whats up with you and the cow eating Edge??

December 2009" Christmas time, Edge sang "all the single ladies" by beyonce with christian and CM punk. Not to be outdone Cena practiced another wrestling move, now Cena has 5 moves... nice job Cena keep it up

January 2010: Edge won the Rumble while doing absolutely nothing. He didn't even brake a sweat

Good job Edge The future Of WWE