Why Did The Mets Not Persue Ryan Garko?

Joe AmbrosioContributor IFebruary 1, 2010

Was an offer ever on the table for Ryan Garko who just recently signed with the Mariners?  Ryan Garko would have been a better fit to platoon at first base than Fernando Tatis.  Garko was just signed by the Mariners for $550,000 and Tatis by the Mets for $850,000.  It's not a big difference in salary, just being $300,000 but it seems to me and every other met fan out there that money seems to be an issue this offseason.

Garko brings more to the table at first base than Tatis does.  Garko spend his whole career at first base besides a handful of starts in the outfield.  His defense is 10 times better than Fernando Tatis at first base.  The only thing Tatis has over Garko, is that he can play the outfield.  But with Bay, Francoeur, a healthy Beltran, Gary Matthews Jr., and Angel Pagan there really isn't any room to throw Tatis in for some outfield starts. Garko also brings a better offense than Tatis.  He has the ability to hit more homeruns and rbis than Tatis.  He is also 29 years old compared to Tatis being 35 years old.

Maybe the Mets gave an offer and Garko declined it.  Garko could have declined it because he knew he would probably be used more in Seattle as a DH and first baseman.  Or maybe the Mets never gave an offer and were happy with Tatis.