Edge Vs Chris Jericho, Finally The WWE Has Struck Gold!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2010

This has been one of the most anticipated feuds in a very long time! However how excited you may be you have to know, that I am just that much more excited for this soon to be feud of the year. You have a great combination here and it looks like it could be something for the records books.

Both Edge and Chris Jericho in my opinion can be thrown into the Top 20 wrestlers in the world today, Chris Jericho being higher of course(no offense to Edge).

Both have some dynamic mic skills that can really get the crowd into it. They were two of the best heels before, but now one shall be switching to the other side. That man being Edge of course. It’s a great idea on WWE’s half, because of two reasons. One is that Jericho is a better heel than Edge, second is because this face turn has been a long time coming.

Let’s not forget how amazing these two are in the ring either. Chris Jericho is arguably the best in the world today(pun intended) in the ring and Edge is without a doubt high in that too. Both these men know how to put on classics and how to make the worst of superstar look absolutely brilliant. However know they won’t be working with the worst of superstars, they’ll have simply the best in front of them.

Then you look at the factor that outside the ring they are pretty good buddies too. You know how they say that when you’re wrestling your buddy you can always push a little harder. That is the case here and now let’s look at this, tops in the ring, on the mic and good friends outside the ring? What do you have? You have something the fans will remember for quite a while is what you have!

Now what needs to happen for this plan to be set into motion?

The most important thing to do right now, get the World Title on the shoulder called Chris Jericho. Come Elimination Chamber time you need to get Chris Jericho in that Elimination Chamber to get the World Title off the Undertaker. Or if you want to shake things up a lot throw Jericho into the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber. That way come Wrestlemania you can kill the brand barrier again and have a Raw superstar challenge The Undertaker for the World Title. Maybe perhaps John Cena, I know that has been in the talking for Wrestlemania 26.

Either way this match just has to go down. WWE fans have been waiting and waiting. They got some good build up to it. Actually let’s take a look at that now.

It all started with the 2009 WWE Draft on Monday Night Raw. It was the Raw/SD!/ECW battle royal for 2 draft picks. The Rated R Superstar was the last man standing in the rumble earning SmackDown two picks. First pick, The Big Red Monster Kane. Second pick? Well it was a man named Chris Jericho!

From there the build up started until we hit a twist, at The Great American Bash Edge joined the Unified Tag Team Title Match with his partner, Chris Jericho!  They won the unified tag team gold and started their reign as champions with a mission. Revive the current tag division and then when you pass the belts on beat the living hell out of each other and start off a great feud between the two.

Sadly these plans were put on hold when Edge was diagnosed with an injury. He was sidelined for the better half of 2009 leaving Chris Jericho all alone. Chris would replace him with the Big Show after that and start off the bromance. However I remember a promo on SmackDown where they showed an injured Edge talking to Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho told Edge that he was the weak link in their tag team. Edge told him when he comes back he’s going to prove him and everyone else wrong.

From there you knew the plans for a Jericho/Edge feud were in motion. So next we all looked at this, Edge’s return date and you know. It was scheduled around Royal Rumble time and from there we all started with the theory that Edge will win the Royal Rumble and go to challenge Chris Jericho who would hold a championship come Wrestlemania time. You know what? One step of the plan has kicked into motion. Now we wait on Jericho.

Now we wait for Chris Jericho to bring it at Elimination Chamber, win and set up a true classic at Wrestlemania. The issue is this…

Right now you have potential and potential often fails. Take Shelton Benjamin for example. No disrespect to Albert Dankwa, but this has to be said. Shelton had the potential to be a main eventer in World Wrestling Entertainment, instead you have him at ECW. What’s sad is he is not even in the ECW Title hunt.

Another example of potential was the potential that Jericho v. Undertaker had. It was supposed to be one of the most anticipated first time ever in a long while. First issue, you put it on SmackDown and didn’t even hold it on a PPV? That was a horrible mistake. You barely had any build up to it either which is sad looking at who you have in the match. Then when it came down to the actual match, Undertaker could not keep up with Chris Jericho. Yes the match still turned out a good one, but for Chris Jericho and Undertaker much more was expected.

There are just so many ways World Wrestling Entertainment can screw up the storyline or build up or whatever. So far things have been don well(god I hope I didn’t jinx that) now they just have to keep it that way. Do I ever wish WWE still had Paul Heyman, he was great at this stuff current creative staff has been known for bombing on great potential.

So what exactly should WWE do?

Well as I said before I’d prefer for Chris Jericho to jump into the World Heavyweight Championship mix. Have him getting the title off the Undertaker in a good way. Get him to get the most eliminations in the chamber to get him the build up and maybe even have Edge watching ringside so Jericho can rub it in his face that he is the World Champion. Edge would get up from his chair, give Jericho a look and possibly finish it with a slight smirk and a hand for Mr. Irvine.

I could honestly go on forever, but I’ll stop there. I’ll just say this. There are many ways to make this great and many ways to screw up your Wrestlemania 26 main event. Hopefully WWE has the smarts to take the road that us the fans want from them and not the road that they think is best, because I’m more than sure their road won’t be a good one. Maybe it’s just me, but I question what kind of decisions Big Dick Johnson can make or Vince McMahon for that matter.

However at this point all we can do is watch and believe!

Believe for a greater tomorrow in the World of Wrestling!

Thank you everyone, comment if you get the time.

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