The Royal Rumble Match: Jericho vs. Edge?, CM Punk Has Gone Too Far

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The Royal Rumble Match: Jericho vs. Edge?, CM Punk Has Gone Too Far

The Royal Rumble PPV was last night. Was it a successful one? It’s too early too tell.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past day—which could have very well happened—Edge has returned and has won the Royal Rumble. It was quite surprising for me, especially since he had stated in the past that he would be lucky to return in time for Wrestlemania, let alone be in the main event!



Right now, I have no problem with Edge winning the Rumble, however, the WWE could screw this up very easily. The IWC has been drooling over a Chris Jericho vs. Edge match at Wrestlemania, and for that not to happen would definitely leave a lot of people including myself, very unhappy.



As soon as Edge entered the Rumble, I knew that Corey Clayton’s next post on the WWE Live Chat would likely be “Chris Jericho Eliminated by Edge”. It turned out that it was. Edge had eliminated Jericho almost immediately upon entry, which makes me worry.



Jericho has been experiencing a drop down to the mid-card, which is fine since most stars go through that from time to time, but as of late, Jericho has been on what you could call a slump, and doesn’t seem to be needed by the WWE. He has even lost to R-Truth, which was a pathetic move.



Now, you have Edge coming back who, by the sounds of it, eliminated Jericho with ease in the Rumble. I’m sure everybody wants a good match at Wrestlemania, but putting the World Title on Jericho at this point just seems too unrealistic. I’m having doubts that the match will even happen.



Speaking of “de-pushes” so to speak….



I was very surprised to see CM Punk enter the Rumble third in the third spot. He seemed to easily dispose of the first two entrants, Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne. After that, virtually the same thing happened with JTG, and Beth Phoenix. Yes, Phoenix was in the Rumble.



It took Triple H to finally eliminate Punk just a few minutes later. One thing that really got me annoyed was Punk’s preaching throughout the match. I found the level of it, to be OK during his feud with Jeff Hardy, however trying to coax your opponents into “accepting straight-edge into their lives” during a match? The WWE has really gone too far with Punk’s newest gimmick. It’s almost making fun of Christianity.



My last comments are on some notables who were absent from the Rumble. I found that many of them didn’t make much sense.



In my opinion, not having Santino Marella in the Rumble is beyond me. They even had Santino perform a promo on RAW. We may find out tonight why that had happened. My guess is it will have something to do with Jack Swagger, and his attack on Santino.



Did anybody else notice that JTG made it into the Rumble, but not Shad Gaspard? Being the powerful and dominant figure that he is, he would’ve been the perfect equalizer for somebody like Triple H when he was being outnumbered by Drew Macintyre and Ted DiBiase.



This last one makes more sense. Mike Knox has been appearing on SmackDown a lot lately, and since his feud with Rey Mysterio, he has been more of a jobber than anything else, and his recent tag match—where he teamed with Charlie Haas—has pretty much sent his career with the WWE down the drain.  As we all know, the WWE or their fans don’t want a jobber in the Royal Rumble.



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