Beat the Streak: June 30

Barry BealCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

I hate technical problems. It's just after 3 PM, and I've been having trouble with the wireless internet. It's funny how much trouble technology causes us.

Ten years ago, would you have thought that in one day, you could have internet trouble, text messages that wouldn't send, an IPod that wouldn't let you transfer music (without even using CDs), and maple bats that look more like Medieval spears when broken.

Even so, it's time to pick today's Beat the Streak hitters. The deadline isn't until 7 PM tonight, so no need to worry.

Monday, June 30—Picks lock at 7:00 Eastern

Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds

As a Pirates fan, I get to see the team basically every day. Paul Maholm is an improved pitcher, for sure, but it hasn't been enough of a turn-around to warrant picking against a guy who is hitting .391 against him in 23 at-bats.

Maholm's ERA is 4.41, opponent's batting average is .283, and the rain saved him from a possible shelling by the Yankees on Thursday night. 

Juan Pierre, Los Angeles Dodgers

The man with a Spanish first name and French surname says "Si, Senor," when it comes to hitting Roy Oswalt. Pierre is hitting .444 (12-27) against Oswalt since 2003, and his style of slap hitting works perfectly against a hard thrower like Oswalt.