A Psychotic Shawn Michaels to Face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2010

Yes I can see it now, Shawn Michaels turning crazy sort of similar to Edge's heel turn back in 2004. Only this time HBK is hell-bent on ending the dead man's streak.

Last night at the Royal Rumble, HBK was eliminated after a right hand by Batista. After HBK was eliminated he, like the rest of the crowd was shocked.

The referee told him to leave the ring but he threw the referee aside. Another referee came in and told him to leave too but that referee got kicked in the face. Then a third referee came in and that's when Shawn decided to leave.

I'm a hundred and one percent that Shawn's going to go crazy and keep on kicking everybody in the face until he's guaranteed a rematch against The Undertaker. Last year he beat JBL to face him but this year he's probably going to face the man that won the rumble, Edge at Elimination Chamber with the Wrestlemania opportunity on the line.

WWE will probably decide to swerve the match and have Edge beat Shawn Michaels to guarantee his rematch with The Undertaker from two years ago. HBK then realizes that if The Undertaker retains his championship than he's going to have to face Edge at Wrestlemania.

HBK decides to unlock the chamber with a key while the match is going on  and superkick The Undertaker two times and cost him his World Championship. Chris Jericho would than hit the codebreaker on Batista or Rey Mysterio to win his fourth World Championship.

Next week The Undertaker calls out HBK and tells HBK that the rematch is on, HBK smiles and says "I hope you know, dead man I'll do anything it takes to beat you at Wrestlemania"

And anything is exactly what he does, two weeks before Wrestlemania on Raw HBK kicks The Undertaker in the face and beats him down just so he would be worn down for their match. Undertaker returns the favour on Smackdown a week later and chokeslams HBK through a table.

At Wrestlemania their match will be the last match on the card and the winner will be... well we'll just have to wait and see.