Introducing The Seattle Seahawks' Friday Faceoff

Scotty KimberlyAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2010

The 2010 offseason is upon us. The excitement of scouting and the NFL Draft is immense, but unfortunately offseason events leave gaping holes of inactivity. 

Gone are the days of football every Sunday, replaced by basketball and baseball in the American sports scene. 

What is a fan to do without football? Speculate about football, of course.

The Seattle Seahawks Featured Columnists are proud to introduce Friday Faceoff , a weekly series which pits Featured Columnists against each other, the fans, and the world.

Each Monday, a prompt will be created by one of the Featured Columnists (e.g. "2009 Seattle Seahawks Offensive MVP"). Every participating writer will answer the prompt and prepare an article (ideal minimum 300 words) defending their selection.

The beauty of Friday Faceoffs is that it is open to all Seahawks community members!

If you think you have what it takes to argue with the Featured Columnists, then get your gloves up start swinging.

To be added to the prompt mailing list, please e-mail Scotty Kimberly at

The first prompt of the Faceoffs will be e-mailed on Monday Night.

Good luck, everyone, and keep your eye out for the first faceoff coming up this Friday!