We Jumped The Gun: Jokinen Trade Far From Over

Metro HockeyCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2010

From a major outlet like TSN all the way down to a small one like ours, it looks like we all jumped the gun when we declared the Jokinen trade to the Rangers a "done deal" last night. The rumor last night was that the Rangers would land him along with scrapper Brandon Prust in exchange for Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik. As convincing as the earliest reports were, there is just something not right here.

Our correspondent Joe Alianello was at the game in Colorado last night and had a clear view of the press box. He says he saw Sather sitting there calmly all night and did not notice him making one phone call, which led us to believe last night that the deal was completed before the game or during an intermission. But what doesn't make sense here, is that why was Chris Higgins allowed to play if he was no longer property of the Rangers? So that means a deal was not finalized before the game. That clears that out of the way.

Now to something else. There are two reasons, well, actually three, why this deal has either been stalled or fallen apart all together. The first is Ales Kotalik's stubbornness to waive his no trade clause. I don't know how this is even an issue since Kotalik is clearly not wanted in New York and will be given ample playing time in a new locale, something he was not getting here. The second reason is that the Flames pulled out of the deal after initially agreeing with Sather to make the trade. The reasoning for that, according to TSN, was that Calgary stalled because they wanted Jokinen in the lineup for tonight's game against Philadelphia. How does that make any sense? You want to trade someone but you pull back because you want him to play one more game for you? If it is that important, then don't make the trade at all.

That leads to the third reason, and what I believe is really happening. A source has informed me that because of Calgary's alleged pulling out of the deal, the Rangers have now become annoyed at that and may ax the deal all together. Although it was in the Rangers favor, this deal should not be made at all. Calgary had their chance, agreed, then backed out. Very unprofessional if what I'm hearing is true.

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