What The WWE Needs To Do On The Road To WrestleMania

Andy The Bad GuyCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2010

Hi guys this is my first article on what I want to happen on the Road To WrestleMania. Feel free to post your own comments.

Elimination Chamber

WWE Championship Match

Sheamus(c) VS HHH VS HBK VS Cena VS Jericho VS Orton

HBK Betrays HHH Again

Dibiase and Rhodes cost Randy the match

Jericho enters as a suprise entrant and wins the match

ECW Championship Match (If They Care Enough)

Yoshi Tatsu vs Regal VS Jackson VS Benjamin VS Ryder VS Kane

Christian ambushed before the match so doesnt make it

Regal wins

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Undertaker (c) VS Mysterio VS CM Punk VS Batista VS John Morrison VS R-Truth

John Morrison eliminated by Miz and Drew McIntyre then eliminated by Batista

R-Truth eliminated 

Mysterio eliminated by Batista

Batista eliminated thanks to interference by Rey

Undertaker ambushed by Cena

CM Punk wins World Heavyweight Championship

After Elimination Chamber to WrestleMania:Key Points

CM Punk and Straight Edge Society are revealed as the ones who attacked Christian

Christian converts ECW Title rematch clause into World Heavyweight Title Match at WrestleMania in a TLC Match

HHH challenges HBK one on one at WrestleMania

Cena explains he attacked Undertaker for a chance to break the streak and Taker accept

Mr McMahon challenges Bret Hart to a Submission Match at WrestleMania

Vince loves Orton's bad luck and puts in a No DQ Handicap Match against Legacy

DX lose Unified Tag Titles to Hart Dynasty on SmackDown

Sheamus and Big Show form an alliance and challenge Hart Dynasty to a Falls Count Anywhere Tag Match at WrestleMania for Titles

Batista loses temper and challenges him to a 3 Stages Of Hell Match with the loser leaving SmackDown: 1st Match- Table Match 2nd- Stretcher Match 3rd- Last Man Standing

Kane challenges Regal to an Extreme Rules Match for ECW Title

The Miz and Drew McIntyre are set to defend their titles in a Championship Scramble Match against MVP , John Morrison and Jack Swagger

Divas Champion Gail Kim defeats  Womens Champion Mickie James on RAW which means Womens Championship on the line at Miss WrestleMania Match

Money In The Bank Participants Finalised

Final WrestleMania Match Card

Tri Branded Battle Royal

Winner: The Great Khali (SmackDown)

Miss WrestleMania

Winner:Mickie James

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Kofi Kingston VS Matt Hardy VS Shelton Benjamin VS R Truth VS Evan Bourne VS Zack Ryder VS Dolph Ziggler VS Carlito

Winner:Matt Hardy

Bret Hart vs Mr McMahon Submission Match

Winner:Bret Hart

Falls Count Anywhere Unified Tag Team Championship Match

The Hart Dynasty(C) VS Big Show and Sheamus

Winner:Big Show and Sheamus

United States and Intercontinental Championship Scramble Match

The Miz (US Champ) VS Drew McIntyre(IC Champ) VS MVP VS John Morrison VS Jack Swagger

Winner:Jack Swagger (He needs this win)

Batista vs Rey Mysterio Loser Leaves Brand 3 Stages Of Hell Match

Winner: Batista

Randy Orton VS Rhodes and DiBiase

Winner:Randy Orton



The Undertaker VS John Cena

Winner: The Undertaker

William Regal(C) VS Kane ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match


WWE Championship Match: Chris Jericho (c) VS Edge


World Heavyweight Championship TLC Match

CM Punk(C) vs Christian


Edge and Christian celebrate and reunite at end of show

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment


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