Dan Hardy To Out Wrestle GSP!!

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2010

Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy has revealed his training methods and keys to finding a victory against the current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St.Pierre. Watch the video below from his website.


The brash Brit has been training his wrestling and according to his training partners via video blog at the Rough House gym the MMA world should be afraid, very afraid!

Hardy has been hitting his head with his wrestling shoes, "apparently thats what wrestlers do", and training hard to be the best.

He has even KO'd his training partner Dean Amasinger with a sprawl and ruined Dave Faulkners life! Andre Winner has even claimed that no one can be as good as him, when it comes to wrestling!

With special help from Gorgeous George and A.C. Slater is Hardy getting an unfair advantage in this fight? Will GSP be able to cope with images of Hardy rolling on the floor going through his mind?

GSP will likely think this all rather fun and "very humorous" I can't do a French Canadian accent!! LOL But could these mind games be the difference maker!!

I can't wait to see what Dan Hardy has in store next for, Queensbury rules Boxing anyone? haha