Tebow Following Jesus

theresa smithContributor IFebruary 1, 2010

Tim Tebow and Jesus

I got up in the middle of the night and said "  Oh my God" Tim and Jesus are almost the same story. Well almost! Jesus was born and called the "messiah" savior of man kind. His mother had to defy the army that were out to kill any new born babies and flee to Jerusalem. He was born and this awesome kid was born to preach and gospel the world. Every one loved him and followed him. Until he was a threat and was stoned crucified and died for man kind to save our evil sins.


Tim's mother defied doctors who told her to have an abortion ( which is so Illegal in the Philippines) and said she was going to have the baby and went to Manila to deliver a healthy baby boy. And then "the chosen one" has arrived. He preached the gospel to Filipino people he played football and spread the word to his mass followers instead of a church he had "the Swamp" everyone loved him everyone wanted to emulate him took pictures with the old, the sick, the poor and even posed like a Heisman with a baby. When the Chosen one left the holy ground he called University of Florida. Now they want to nail his future in the NFL as a failure to launch. Instead of nailing him to the cross well.. they are they are picking on him. They are ripping him to shreds in the media and last but not the least they are predicting his future in the NFL. Will Tim Tebow save our souls and sins? NO but he can go to the NFL and warm a bench or be the greatest NFL QB or even better since he's so good at the spread offense and skills that the SEC couldn't catch up to he can return to his Holly ground and sit at the right hand of his father Urban Meyer. He can Coach the Gators and be their savior.