Favre: To Retire Or Another Summer Of Drama

Clint RhodeContributor IFebruary 1, 2010

Now the Vikings will be waiting it out to see if Favre is going to comeback or retire. For now he is going to make everyone wait, but forhow long is the next question. The Vikings head coach Brad Childress also stated this past week that he is not going to have a time line for Favre as the Packer were doing in his final 2 season in he green and gold. I just do not feel that Favre will be back for another season as a Viking.

Why would he come back in the 2010 season?

Brett Favre is coming off his best statical year ever as a QB. That is correct, with all the records that he hold it was a magical season in 2009 for Brett Favre. Since becoming a starting QB Favre has never thrown less that 13 INTS in a season in 2009 Favre threw a total of 7. He had a 1.4 interception percentage. Making fewer mistakes also led to some triumphs as well. He had 33 TDs  also well passing for over 4,000 yards(the 6th time in his career).

It is not just about stats, he can still led a team. The Vikes lived and died behind the 40 year old arm of Brett Favre. The Vikes were a run first offense to start the season. It was not until Week 3 when Favre led the Vikes with a last second victory against the 49ers at home. The Vikes were content with Favre being a game manager. After the Week 3 win, everyone then knew that Favre would play a bigger role than what was originally expected of him. It was obvious that Favre is a good play caller down the stretch of the season.

With the way that Favre was battered around in the NFC Championship last. I know that there are so many people thinking,"He is 40 years old. Is Brett sure he wants to keep up the torture." I do not not know.Minnesota is where Favre want to be rather than where Green Bay traded him to the Jets.Favre has a mission and that is that he wants more than anything to go out the way that Elway or Bettis went out by going and winning the Super Bowl. So that is what would make it complete for Favre.

Why does Favre not return for the 2010 season?

With the way that Favre was treated against the Saints as a human punching bag was not good answer. He is already the oldest starting QB to win a playoff game at age 40 and whatever days. He is going to be 41 next season. What is a year in the NFL? Nothing is a guarantee, especially when it comes to making the playoffs or Super Bowl for that matter. The schedule is not as favorable as the 2009 season was. The Vikes will be facing 7 playoff teams from this past season and 5 will be on the road. Who knows if this will play into Favre's decision to return of not.

Brad Childress and the Minnesota Viking have already stated that Favre does not have a time limit for a choice to return for another season as the Vikes starting QB. With Favre who really knows what is going through his head besides to try to avoid training camp again since the end of the Holmgren era of Green Bay.