Tampa Bay Lightning: Moving Quickly....Too Quickly?

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJune 30, 2008

I have been reading and listening a lot lately about what the new ownership in Tampa Bay is doing.  It makes me wonder if they will be a one and done ownership?

They are aggressive, signing four players this week alone, a new coach, two new assistant coaches, a VP to advise on all Hockey Operations.....you see where I am going with this.  It is like having a fist full of money and you are going on a buying spree.

Now I would expect this will slow down in the coming weeks but who knows?  The ownership says they are going to be aggressive in Free Agency.  What does that mean as they have been aggressive in the last week alone? 

Do they know what they are doing?  I hope they are signing players who will mesh in the locker room and more importantly on the ice. 

It makes me think of the Celtics.  They were in last place two years ago, Danny Ainge goes and gets Ray Allen and with a huge assist (one more time) from Kevin McHale, signs Garnett to fill out the trio with Paul Pierce.  Then WAMO!  They are the NBA Champions!

The above usually doesn't pan out.  Luckily, if you are a Celtics' fan, it did! 

I can't see how it will happen with the Bolts.  Although they are signing and bringing in new players, I am not sold that they are the players that are going to win them a Cup.

Here is my suggestion to the Lightning: Get out of the cellar and make your goal to make the playoffs.  Follow what the Bruins did last year and start to build.  Slow your spending down.  You need a lot of pieces to win a Cup.  It will take time and patience. 

The question is does the ownership of the Lightning have patience?  Actually the question really is do they have a goalie?

My prediction: If they don't have a winning season next year then I give them two years max and the ownership sells.