The Report Card's In

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The Report Card's In

Oh, you know, I thought I'd comment on our recent ratings review over at Drunk Jays Fans. You know what they say, any publicity is positive publicity, especially from a review like the following. Looks like we have a market to cater to, a business student might know that, eh Stoeten?

John McDonald's Cabinet - D

Fratboy #1: Hey dude, let's get wasted and head to the game.

Fratboy #2: Totally dude, let me just finish this finish this blog post.

Fratboy #1: Fuck dude!

I couldn't agree more, except fratboys are gay, my roommate is one.

A quick glance at JMC's large roster of writers reminds me of university and living with five dudes in a huge house. One time we soaked a stack of bricks in lighter fluid and lit them on fire in the front lawn while others tossed bricks from the balcony trying to knock down the tower of flaming bricks.

Okay, well only two of us regularly contribute, but it's nice to have a larger staff, don't you think?

We thought we were hilariously original. Truth be told, any prank or crazy idea we could've possibly come up with had been done before . . . many, many times before.

We are hilariously original- and we will be launching a marketing campaign.

While reading JMC, I can't help but whisper to myself, "Been there, done that."

Yeah man, we're in university, but we'll be doing bigger things soon enough.

Thank You Very Much.

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